What is this Free Publishing?

Free Publishing is our way of giving back to all our fans, followers and for those who do not have budget to pay for our Full Services to promote their events on


I have now created this FREE PUBLISHING page just for you.

You can publish your event or product here on www.dkexpressions.co.za  free of charge and still receive the exposure that is needed.

But why are we offering FREE PUBLISHING only now?


Well it’s simple you see, when I started this blog in 2013 I was still working a 9-5 job and earning a monthly salary, so it was not a problem for me in my spare time to list everyone’s events, product reviews, etc.

But then I became a Dad in November 2013 and so I took on the responsibility of being a stay home dad, where I could work on my blog and do what I am passionate about as well as look after my daughter during the day whilst mother is at her day job, so my afternoons are pretty much for my daughter.

Then over the following 2 years DK EXPRESSIONS started getting noticed more and more and the workload was piling up, which meant I needed to bring people on board to help me, and that meant that I would need to not only generate an income to support my family but to also support those who have joined DK EXPRESSIONS.

All of my savings had gone into DK EXPRESSIONS with the hopes that my clients/ customers after 1 year with me would be so satisfied and impressed by the service I provided them for FREE and with a level of excellence that when I did start a FEE Structure they would have no issue in seeing the real value and worth in everything DK EXPRESSIONS does.

We are always willing to help clients no matter the size of the budget big or small we can even tailor make packages and negotiate on a Weekly, Monthly, even Yearly Fees and you’ll always receive only the best service from DK EXPRESSIONS because every cent counts

I don’t have the time during the day to go out and source new business, let alone attend to all the emails I receive from various Businesses, Individual People, PR Companies and Artists from SA and around the World .

All of whom are wanting me to please publish and promote their events or products and so on.

So what happens then is that I land up attending events in the evenings or photo shoots for clients and then arrive back home and stay up until early hours of the morning say 3am- 5am trying to get through emails, photo edits and publish content.

Now if I am lucky I get about 1 hour maximum 2 hours sleep and then my daughter is awake at 630 -7am and the day starts again.

Call it what you wish but forgive me if I choose not to publish your content and send you an email with my Media Kit which has my rates on.

I too need to eat. I can’t work for free forever.

Especially when I am not being paid for my time, I don’t even attempt to publish and promote them.

Because unlike most in the industry who just copy and paste I take the time to source images and video if none are attached.

I include the necessary back links and make sure that each post receives FULL SEO.

If I was being paid to publish your content I would be able to hire someone to work for me full-time publishing content during the day all day.

Now how am I supposed to make a living and feed my family if I am constantly publishing content for free?



Yes this FREE PUBLISHING offer is very limited and is in fact a DO IT YOURSELF way for you to publish your content.

Your listings won’t receive our paid service of FULL SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Boosted & Promoted Social Shares, but they will be available for our regular readers to view and hopefully they will share it for you.

Also as long as you have submitted your FREE PUBLISHING posts before midnight on Thursdays, your listings will be included into our Weekly Roundup Newsletter that is scheduled to roll out from 6am on Friday mornings at no charge.

So please scroll below and fill in all the required fields and add as much information about whatever it is you want published and hit send. That’s it!

Bob’s Your Uncle

it’s Done!

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