Well for starters King Price Car Insurance is the only insurer in the world, whose premiums actually decrease every month.

Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

king price dec prem

King Price knows that the value of your motor vehicle depreciate every month.

Did you know that the value of your motor vehicle depreciate from day 1?

In fact, from the moment you drive away from the place you purchased it from, its’ value drops,  So, why pay premiums that only ever increase?

Stop letting the other insurers rip you off month after month, year after year.

This is just one of the products that make King Price Insurance, King.

Have you ever heard of R1 a month insurance?

If you insure 1 car with them, you can insure 1 x R1 item.

But, if you insure 2+ cars with them, you can insure an equal number of R1 items.

These R1 items are things like your Apple Watch, Bike, Golf clubs, Hearing aid and even your Nikon equipment.

If I have not already sold you on the Decreasing Car Premiums and the R1 insurance then hopefully the below image will spark an interest for one of their other personal insurance products.

king price personal products

How about King Price Business Insurance? 

The below images are some of the King Price Business Insurance products on offer

king price business 1 king price business 2 king price business 3


I think it’s time to end this post and make my way to the King Price website, to fill in their quick and easy quote form, so that I can become a client of King Price Insurance and start saving money on my monthly insurance premiums and so should you.


Don’t delay another day visit https://www.kingprice.co.za/