Beard considers to be a timeless hair decision for real men. Wearing it makes guys look more manly and daring. Of course, beard is not a new trend, but modern barbers continue to discover it from other, unknown sides. Different styles, sizes, forms and thickness are available for men, to fit any taste and face shape. Our professionals at popular new york barbershop say that long beard can also hide one or two imperfections on your face. Anyway, healthy, handsome beard can drive girls crazy, and you don’t even have to do anything. Just a quick look, shiny smile and you are on top of the world.

So, let`s have a deeper look at three major ways beard can make you look sexier.


Beard adds mystery

Girls always loved mysterious, a little bit daring, and unpredictable men. But what should you do if you are a shy, timid person, and making an acquaintance with a beauty was always a problem for you? Beard will help you to break vicious circle. Intriguing facial care makes girls crave to explore you. The main task here is not overdo with facial hair, otherwise you will look like a rude lumberjack.


Embraces more mature look

If you always wanted to look older then you are, but don’t know how to achieve such effect? Again, beard can do it for you. It is not a secret that women prefer self-confident, mature men, so they take them more serious. If you are not a happy owner of huge muscles, lack positiveness and sense of humor, grow out a long beard and conquer girls` hearts.


Balance face features

Well groomed beard can help you to balance your face features. For example, if you have too high forehead, thick, medium length beard can compensate it. Round face shape can also be elongated with the help of the right beard. The main task here is to find the perfect length, nothing more.


Are you still in a doubt? Stop it! Grow out long, healthy beard and make girls faint. Anyway, trying something new is never a bad thing, who know, maybe you will find your true love soon.