Hipster`s stream is an extremely popular lifestyle among young people. Hipsters have a very peculiar sense of style and express their unique personality through their cloth and hairstyles. Such people are usually associated with creative personalities, long beards, and fashion addiction; nevertheless, modern hipsters prefer casual and practical hairdos, which require minimum efforts to style. The best barbers in NYC offer you three most popular and trendy hairstyles for male hipsters.

Half Up-do

This hairstyle fits better for long and medium fine hair. It takes no more than 5 minutes to create it. Simply take three big strands from the top layer of your hair and comb them to the back. Fix them all with elastic. You can also use the special salt spray to create “messy on purpose” look and add more structure to your locks.

New Crop

The main difference between a classic crop and the new one is that it has much longer top strands. This hairstyle offers you an opportunity to express your personality and style it in thousand different ways. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want to create spiky hairdo, using your favorite clay, or sleek look with gel or mousse.

Side Part

Part you thick top hair to the one side and let one of your temples play on contrast. Long, full beard will complete the whole look and add masculinity to its owner.

Chose one of our hairstyles and embrace your natural beauty and extraordinary personality in your hair.

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