The reason I’ve been missing

The reason I’ve been missing

Epidemic Sound – (Where I get all the music): – AMAZING for YouTubers
FOLLOW MATTI – (Thanks for making me look good!)
Lightroom PRESET PACK:
Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack :

My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag :
My MAIN Camera –
The Vlog Cam :
My Second Backup Camera –
My FAVOURITE Lens Ever –
The Lens I am currently using right for EVERYTHING –
The Magic Canon Lens of Life –
Best gimbal ever :
The Mic I use –
The Boom Mic I use for Crispy Audio :
My Drone –
My Bigger Drone –
My Tiny Drone –
The stabilizer I use with iPhone :
My Slider –
The BEST monopod –
GoPro HERO 5 –




Author: DK

DK EXPRESSIONS™ Founder / Editor / International Photographer / Social Media Management / Content Creator. Avid Lover of Sport / Music / Gaming / All things Entertainment.Easy Going / Motivated a 100% Positive Thinker always looking to make new connections.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve ever watched any of your videos and holy guac your editing and shots are unbelievable

  2. Didn’t expect to see Marcus here XD

  3. Are you using cinema lens during the making of this awesome video?  If so, which one?  I’m not seeing them/any listed under your gear listings.  Thank you sir!

  4. That’s a good miss we loved

  5. Pete please come to Indonesia Im ready to accompany you. Just ask Matti how great Indonesia is 🙂

  6. Peter you’re Amazing

  7. At 0.55 for some reason I wanted your whole eyes black. 😀 sick vlog as ever.

  8. Hi good day don;t know if you would read this, I hope you do. I recently subscribed to Epidemic Sound for sound tracks for my channel. However since I’m from Trinidad and Tobago I’m getting problems to pay because they say transactions cannot be made because the company is in Sweden. Is there any alternative method to make payments? Any advice, I would be truly grateful for.

  9. Are you coming to Stockholm

  10. Love it bro! I want to get to where i can travel!!!!

  11. COMMENT # 2545 Your videos intros are like movie like, you have mastered the video cinema type of shots which are good now you have to add a good story, with some drama, a real video with what people like to see ” a story of other people’s interections ” not just a travel video. Please do not take this critique as a negative one but a positive feedback. Thanks again for all your hard work, i know how hard it is to make all the takes, it’s really hard work.

  12. It’s weird seeing Nicole in the vlog (I say that in the best way). It’s like seeing a star from another show guest star on yours haha. It was dope seeing her though!

  13. Huh, that didn’t make the list but I did grow up in Alaska soooooooooooooo I’m done with the snow even after 30 yrs of Arizona sunshine!!! BTW head on down – I’ll show you quiet in the sunshine 🙂 ….. BUT wow oh wow, great shots, and really great fun! XO, Kelly

  14. the name of last song?? 8:40

  15. intro! mind blown🔥 awesome totally addictive and can’t wait for the next vlog😎👍

  16. As a fellow snow lover, Peter, this vlog is by far my all-time favorite of yours!

  17. What a great video Peter!

  18. My gosh Peter, you freakin killed it with that intro. I literally have chills right now.

  19. Woah. Simply woah. Btw ever consider doing a “how to slow mo”? Maybe a few tips and tricks..

  20. The King of the North!

  21. That Stranger Things feeling in the intro. 😮

  22. Nice to se that you have been in North of Swedish in beaty fuel Lappland. Hope you will film something of Lapland in summer when sun never goes down 😉

  23. Doooope vid as always man!! Doubt you’ll see this, but, would you be willing to show us what your Mavic Air settings are?

  24. The song at 3:45 is Awkward by Janet Jones

  25. Those who want the song name: ‘Awkward’ by Janet Jones

  26. There´s nothing that can create art like snow and ice…..nothing. Greetings from the south of Sweden

  27. Awesome vlog as always … bty B-roll song name -Pretty Awkward by Tobias Fagerström 😉

  28. That intro man, he’s like the Jack Bauer/John Wick of photography. What a badass!

  29. The place looks so amazing!! OMG

  30. Welcome to Sweden

  31. The b-roll and music in this is just beyond epic

  32. Wowz, I haven’t looked at your Sub counter in a while… You got 1.7M now days omg! 😀

  33. EPIC shots!!! That’s the most amazing location….. WOW

  34. What a way of starting a video. Amazing

  35. Only watched 30 seconds and already subscribed.

  36. Have a question. What gimbal would you suggest for hero4. Many thanks

  37. Yo peter has the smoothest fucking b roll

  38. Your b-roll is outta controll

  39. Have you tried the Patekfly pm t800 for a replacement to the gorilla pod was wondering if you could Chang the ball head on it to a fluid of like the one u can get with the gorilla flextubing last a long time I have several tools made from it but could never figure out how to put the in this configuration thanks

  40. that guy right there is a king if broll.. Marcus a guy wit jon olson…. im glad u collbrated with him.. a broll with him… or both of u try it in ur ways ..just a fan feedback…

  41. Love you Peter you make my nights so much brighter! Videos are the best!

  42. hey man, this is the 7th time that I have watched this vlog, the energy that you put and the effort is inspiring, you taught me so much, and if I’m better in what I do then its all thanks to you, I​ just felt like sharing this with you, keep it up.

  43. insane editing, can rewatch intro 500k times

  44. Hey Peter, help a fellow inspiring YouTuber! I would love if you could help me with some tips to improve my channel. I try really hard at all that I upload but seem to be growing extremely slow. Any advice on where I could improve to help my odds of getting those views?

  45. Culture fact: us greeks think it is very bad luck to say cheers with coffee because we serve coffee at funerals and memorials. Not a lot of Greeks have heard this explicitly but my father always says cheers with the glass of water that should always gets served with coffee.

  46. Big fan of how you shoot your videos and edit them. Keep them coming.

  47. i may be the few people that disagree with Peter that sound effects make video more high quality, it just makes everything feel amateur tbh

  48. Hey Pete! What’s the name of this song on epidemic??

  49. Easy to white balance out there lol

  50. Please do a Night Photography editing tutorial when you get back. I know its not your “forte” (or so you say) but I cant find anything on youtube anywhere near the quality of your videos. Your just too damn good!!

  51. Am i the only one who feels like peter vlogs should be in Imax with a bucket of popcorn and a trashcan full of soda?

  52. 3:43 to 3:45

    Freaking awesome shot!

  53. Color correcting is a lot easier when everythings black and white

  54. UH! SO SO   G O O D!

  55. Comment 2462!! Go peter!!

  56. It’s like this much snow now in Iceland! Love going out shooting this awesomness!

  57. Peter !! If you see this , i hope you see this. Firstly your hands down the biggest inspiration to me when it comes to anything in the creative space. Second , can you do an updated video on how you grade your footage

  58. His videos are literally always perfect! Sorry how????

  59. 7:00 what college feels like

  60. Come to Montréal, it is like that all winter ❄️ LOL

  61. Peter “Best BRoll on YouTube” McKinnon

  62. Where did you get that amazing impact sound fx’s ?!

  63. Awesome video mate….. Im now a Nicole fan too 🙂

  64. Thank you for sharing! I live in Thailand and miss my snowmobile sometimes! Funny to say but inspirational as usual.

  65. I wonder how cold it was there!

  66. I want that song 3:40

  67. Wow what a epic intro!! Great video!

  68. Dude. You have the same thoughts I do about the snow. Everyone can’t stand it but I love it. The atmosphere is invigorating.

  69. Welcome to Sweden…what u doing here?

  70. Hey Peter. Any tips on how to transition two separate music tracks on a video? I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find any tutorials on how to do it. I’m stuck on a edit!

  71. JUST FU**ING AWESOME!! Your videos are engaging but your attitude towards your job, friends, life is contagious man!! Keep it up!!

  72. You Are A Mastermind Peter!!!

  73. Love the vid dude! That intro was pretty damn epic m/ m/

  74. I absolutely love your channel, and have been here for ever… like before all yours thousands subs, and I never get your video titles ahahahahah hahahahahahah

  75. Your b-rolls are just killing

  76. lol your funny peter

  77. This was so beautifully shot! The quality is insane!! That intro was unbelievably good! Keep it up man! I’m heading to Toronto for the first time this weekend and can’t wait to get some shoots done!

  78. 15sec in, sorry phone you’re just not gonna cut it. *fires up YouTube on the 55in Tv 😜
    Oh yeah! 😎👌🏻

  79. Peter you are amazing! Kudos for shooting in such cold conditions.

  80. Hello!
    Stuck at work with 20 mins to spare? Or just sat down in the bathroom an need something to watch?
    Check out or new podcast! By me @wzrdrake an @thebuckbotanist 🤙🤙🤙

  81. You’ve been gone for a week, not long mate x

  82. I have watched this several times and can’t seem to get enough. Awesome shots

  83. I’ve never been so intrigued by someone simply setting something up smh. HOW DOES HE DO IT?

  84. I just wanna give you a heads up – I live in a country where just being nice is luxury for most people. At the end of the day I come home, tired from work, I lay back and watch your videos and I have this totally stupid grin on my face. I genuinely enjoy everything you present. You motivate me to shoot and edit more than I ever would if there weren’t for your videos.

  85. Yo Peter!!! I love your footage. But can you edit a video thats not slow motion? Kinda like what you did with night photography were you didnt like it as much. How about an edit with no slow-mo? #outofthecomfortzone.

  86. I have had a hard time flying a drone in the cold weather, tried flying in 42 Degree Fahrenheit how cold was it and did you have any problems flying in the cold?

  87. Dude Collaborate with people like Jordan(taylorcutfilms) or Sam Kolder and make a feature film!!Everyone will freaking love it!!!!!!!!

  88. I just watched a cinema/vlog/video everything…. Was checking my notification area and finally peter showed his face/camera/b-roll …. 😚😍😍😍

  89. I freaking hate you, I really really really HATE you. Just kidding Peter… truly living the dream…cheers.

  90. 6:06 the all-white backdrop is insane! Like a black silhouette on a blown out background or stick figures on a piece of paper.

  91. What an epic b-roll and song dude

  92. Very awesome Vlog. B roll was sexy. I’d vlog there in an instant.

  93. Is it just me or does Peter McKinnon seem like he could be the main character you play in a video game?

  94. Absolutely loved the video! 😍

  95. 7:15 reminds me so much of Deadpool 😅


  97. 6:15 Next Alan Walker music Video

  98. So your aim in life is to make coffee in the most remote and beautiful places?….. Sweet!! 🙂

  99. Your cinemeatography is just mind blowing

  100. Shoulda poured coffee in your beard, then let it freeze. You’d have a delicious cofscicle in your beard whenever you wanted it.

  101. Can you do a 2 minute Tuesday on how to edit great a timelapse! With the zooms and other fun stuff:)

  102. why dont you like colors??

  103. Where is the excellent quality button? Besides the like button.

  104. PETER! What kind of jacket are you wearing? is it warm? It looks comfy and stylish and I dig it.

  105. Can we swap lives for 24 hours? Or at least let me tag along! AMAZING!!!

  106. Peter must like snow a lot, takes a vacation from Canada to the polar circle.

  107. Peter, start making tutorials, please!

  108. ❤ SNOW ,always BEAUTIFUL…&Night shot was so cool

  109. Pretty nice footage… ! 👍🏻👍🏻😊

  110. Peter McKinnon How do you guys never wear snow gear? Base layer, mid layer, waterproof outer layer? No snow gators, snowboots, just jeans and a northface? Crazy. I’m used to the cold and still find it nuts.

  111. Love that you are at my favorite spot!!

  112. Pretty cold out there! 🙂 … We definetly must check that out someday too 😉

  113. Who’s rocking that Leica SL?

    i just wanna on thing..whats that spine-chilling track at 3:40

  115. Totally epic! I need to join you on next adventure 🙂

  116. Ben’s not there? I wouldn’t expect him to be the one to miss out on a trip to the Arctic…

  117. This makes me want to go up North too, so cool!

  118. Your footage is always incredible, but DAMN THAT FUCKING INTRO!!!! Loved it!!!! Wtf! I strive to improve all the fucking time because of you dude, keep it up please!!!

  119. Steven Spielberg can get some tips from you.

  120. You are the best at film !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Liked after the first 20 seconds…awesome 👏👏

  122. stranger thing vibe

  123. watching u make my days did this is my dream

  124. 3:05 who put there ears on the speakers?

  125. Nice to see the dream team you tubers pulled together! With 3 from the cold regions and 1 from the warmth of South Africa! Peter, Matti, Marcus and the lovely Nicole good to see you all having cold fun together 🤗


  127. Man!! I like your vlogs Peter. My new favorite on YouTube.

  128. Can you make a tutorial about that cinematic bars appearing and disappearing?

  129. I feel you about not getting a click haha there’s just so much to do.

  130. Shooting B Roll is one thing, Editing that SHIT to make it look good is an entirely different and skilled monster!!!! So freaking awesome as usual Peter…

  131. This footage is INSANE! So excited by this video.

  132. That feeling when you hit the sack after a successful day

  133. Amazing like always

  134. man, your cinematography is just so damn inspiring.

  135. Loved it! Beautiful scenery

  136. i love this!! the icicles are super gorgeous!

  137. Feels Like I’m Watching “Stranger Things Season 3”. Starting Music Tho🔥😂

  138. The night scence was gorgeous!

  139. Background music was awesome…

    Where did get that
    Love your content…..

  140. I dont know why but when peter upload he inspires me a lot.

  141. Awesome as always Peter!!!

  142. you’ll go a long way because of your content and editing skills

  143. I got cold watching this vlog! Awesome content!!!!!

  144. As an INFP … yeah, that’s where I wanna live…. *sigh*

  145. Excellent video! You really surpass yourself every time! I just love watching your videos, I learn so much! I can’t wait until I have my first camera to put all the things you’ve taught me to use!

  146. Arctic is my dream destination 🤪 for making dope like this 😍

  147. The moment you soaked the string of your jumper in the coffee and pretended it didn’t happened is absolutely the most funny part 😂

  148. Very entertaining vlog! Loved seeing the mavic air shots 🙂

  149. What an epic intro! 🙌🏼 super dope!

  150. Peter this was absolutely awesome and I love that you guy’s finally broke loose and rode the Yamaha’s Nice 😉😎was definitely waiting for it.Have not rode for some time but Thanks for sharing Deb so enjoyed.👌👍🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  151. Sweden: travel photography goals.

  152. This video is sick! I love it

  153. The first shot reminded me of Blade Runner 2049

  154. were close to 2 millions yayyyyy

  155. With vlog made me so cold. ❄️ AWESOME JOB PETER!!!! Looks like so much fun was had! 🙌🏼

  156. Damn, I love all of the motion in you Broll shots Peter!! Another kickass vlog 👏🏿😁👌🏿

  157. If you were in the middle of the Arctic circle, everywhere else would be south of where you are.

  158. Marcus Marcus Marcus. Marcus is a God.

  159. Hey pete would you prefer meachanical gimbal like steadicam or electronic gimbal?

  160. It was exceptional!! Loved it Pete…

  161. This vlog was so satisfying to watch

  162. MARCUUUUS!!!!

  163. DUDE!!! What a video!!!! 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥

  164. As it pertains to b roll footage. How heavily do you rely on canons epic auto focus? I have Nikon and wonder how much it matters.

  165. 🔥 This is NEXT LEVEL vlogging! I’m speechless. Stunning!! If I were to ever work with anyone on a vlog it would be my dream to work with you!

  166. Always excited when I’m notified of a new video from you! You’re awesome! 🙏

  167. You’re the B roll King!!

  168. Never heard the term polar circle before this and i live in a place with -30 to -40 ambient temps! Turns out it is a thing to anybody questioning the terminology.

  169. Honestly one of the best blogs ever Pete, good job my guy!

  170. In order to get a 120 face you must first get to 120. Good thing my iPhone shoots up to 240 lol though I’ve never tried doing B-Roll with it… Have you tried that, Peter?

  171. Love the high quality, buttery smooth slow -mo, make me jealous landscape, content bro!

  172. Hey Peter! I was wondering if you could do a video on how you keep your gear in good condition and protect it in the snow? My first winter trip and Im trying to acclimate my gear from hot to cold slowly, but Im still a little freaked out by it. 
    Thanks a ton.

  173. Sorry for the radio silence! Was in the arctic, you know, doing ma thing. If you could vlog anywhere – where you going?

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