If you decided to refrain from relaxers and rock your natural hair, you should know a few things. Here is what experts at Salon East NYC recommend:


  1. Arm yourself with patience

Sometimes you will want to abandon the idea of getting back to your natural hair because transitioning is not easy. Slow hair growth, different textures, and challenges connected with your natural hair will make you want to quit. Nevertheless, you should stay committed and do everything to reach your initial goal!


  1. Learn new hairstyles

If you decided to grow out natural hair gradually instead of chopping relaxed sections, you will have to deal with two different textures. There are specific hairstyles, which can hide an obvious difference, so let your fantasy work. Experiment with braids, buns, twists, ponytails, etc.


  1. Be prepared to challenges

Natural hair is nothing like relaxed hair, so you will come across numerous challenges, which are totally new to you. Be prepared to change some of your hair care habits if you want to achieve good results. You will have to learn new techniques and use different products to keep your natural hair under control!


  1. Avoid excessive heat styling

Many women make a mistake by trying to match their hair textures with the help of heat styling. It means that they expose their locks to heat on a regular basis. According to experts at Salon East NYC, frequent flat ironing is like a straight road to damage of your natural hair. Use other options to solve the problem of different textures.


Consider these tips from http://hairsalonprestige.com/ in order to transition to your natural hair without any problems!