Superbalist Rocking the Daisies 2016 Review

Rocking the daisies went all out this year to create a spectacular event at the Kloof Wine Estate in Darling, Cape Town!

With more stages, more stalls, more bathrooms, portable showers, even a cashless system and over 250 acts.

Daisies sure was something everyone greatly anticipated for months on end.


Students, adults, family and staff were supplied with the opportunity to give back at Daisies this year.

Upon entrance, the DO GOOD campaign had stalls set up where RTD go-ers were able to drop off or even take off their clothes and donate them to a worthy cause.

The DO GOOD campaign aimed to collect 25 000 pieces of clothing

(which happens to also be the amount of people estimated to have attended RTD 2016).

Daisies is well known for being a ‘green’ festival and this year a trash exchange was set up to help create eco-bricks made from cigarette stubs and plastic.

The trash exchange was warmly welcomed as you were able to trade your rubbish for alcohol…now for students on a budget, what is better than free alcohol?

With the Help of the Trash exchange, people were helping to keep Daisies clean and green.

But what about keeping themselves clean?

Well the Daisie Den, sponsored by Brutal Fruit was the place that  you could find your girlfriend and her friends, especially if they disappeared for far too long.

Brutal Fruit paired with Eastside Cartel created a comfortable, warm, luxurious space filled with; plug points, mirrors, bean bags, private showers, private toilets and the most loved of all…professional hairstylists!

Brutal fruit and Eastside Cartel created a spectacular area, that to be honest…as a girl, I do not know how I would  have survived without a place to take cover from the wind and brush the dreadlocks out of my hair!

If anything the girls bought entry to Daisie Den just for shelter from the wind!

The weather is really something everyone wishes they could control!

This year Mother Nature really put everyone to the test.

Setting up tents in the wind and keeping warm with a constant breeze was a battle that no one at Daisies could deny, dampened their spirits.

Mother Nature really rubbed it in everyone’s face when on Sunday the sun came out and the wind came to a standstill.

Everyone was left packing up in the heat and carrying loads upon loads back to their cars in the scorching African sun.

This is what we get for being Green and trying to save the planet? Thanks Mother Nature.

Side Note: Unfortunately there was a death on Friday morning as one of the staff members of the organizers suppliers drowned in the dam. We’d like to take this opportunity to send his family and friends our condolences.



From Hip-Hop, to EDM, to Trance, to Folk,Dubstep, Electronic, Progressive, Rap, Alternative Rock, Rock and Pop-Rock.

Superbalist had music lovers of all kinds covered from A-Z.

South African music artists were really given an amazing space in which to shine at this year’s RTD festivities.

From artists such as Matthew Mole pulling one of the biggest crowds at RTD to having AKA, the SUPA MEGA himself be the first hip hop artist to perform on the Main Stage at Daisies, right before Mac Miller.

The SUPA MEGA’s performance was truly one to remember and one that the SA music business can be proud of!

AKA’s performance shows just how far South African Hip Hop has come in just a single year!

I won’t lie though, AKA you have a really bad reputation in the Media Centre after you cancelled your interviews.

Organizers even warned all Media personal how temperamental and uncooperative you are a day before you performed

 No wonder there is so much bad publicity going around about you, it is because you piss off the Media!

You really are the ‘Baddest’ in their eyes.

Despite all that…. All your fans  love you and I still love you and your music and after your performance my best friend has the largest crush on you.

She hasn’t stopped talking about how smooth your moves are. So transfer your smooth moves to smooth talk and win back the South African Media!

Another SA artist that really made the ground shake at Daisies this year was Da L.E.S ( the North God) and his DJ – DJ D DOUBLE D (the North Side DJ – who also happens to be this girls favourite DJ) …

Their names make me question their creativity sometimes, but then I listen to their music and I question why I questioned their creativity in the first place.

All Hip Hop fans were treated to probably one of the coolest line ups at Daisies not just this year but ever before, all leading up to the North God himself.

Whilst in the Media room earlier in the day, I watched photographers and videographers set alarms on their phones so they wouldn’t miss the show… therefore 20 minutes was really not long enough for this SA artist!

I can’t deny that when ‘All eyes on me’ started, even I put down my camera for a moment to enjoy my favourite song.

No one can deny that SA hip-hop  acts were some of  the most spectacular performances at this year’s Superbalist Rocking The Daisies Festival!

Not only did SA hip hop show the world what they are made of, but all the SA artists did too.

Artists such as Jimmy Nevis and Nukhane Toure showed their true colours on stage by putting on spectacular performances that held the audience’s attention.

Nuhkhane Toure starting with a very little audience, was able to draw people in with his fun loving spirit and killer dance moves!

One of my Personal High Lights was interviewing Matthew Mole!

I have yet to meet someone as humble as Matthew.

Even when I lost my words or forgot my questions during our interview (anxiety is very real), not once did he get irritated or make me feel as if I was wasting his time.

Matthew took to the stage, not only for his performance but to help set-up the stage for his performance.

Whilst setting up the stage, Matthew’s fans started chanting out some of his most well-known verses to his songs, only for Matthew to blush a bright red, boticeable from the back of the crowd.

Pulling one of the largest crowds of the entire Daisies is really a major achievement. Well Done Matthew!

For Matthews fans; whilst interviewing Matthew, I asked when he is on the road, what does he miss from home?

And without any hesitation he said his wife.

Another nice thing to know about Matthew is that some of his hobbies include visual art such as drawing and illustrations as well as flying his new drone so he can take video’s from different perspectives.

Mac Miller was the main featured International act for Superbalist Rocking the Daisies and boy did he pull a crowd!

The Crowd was already in an amazing mood due to AKA’s performance, but the anticipation was un-explainable .

Mac Miller took the stage and the crowd went so crazy, that even standing in the pit right in front of the speakers, you could barely hear Mac Miller greet the crowd!

I really can’t wait to see what Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies is going to do pull out the bag if they are to go one up with next year!

RTD is growing in leaps and bounds and has become the most anticipated festival of the year!

This year 25 000 people…next year how many can we expect?

 Are there  gonna be more stages, stalls, grounds, acts?

These are all questions that I for one definitely need answers to!

Hopefully the weather will be better next year and Mother Nature rewards our efforts for trying  to save the planet at this years Superbalist Rocking The Daisies!

Review and Expressions courtesy of #DKEXP #TimeTraveller #DKEXPmixC  Michaela Millar (@mixcmillar)