Some Expressions From #SpringFiesta2016 Frozen in Time and Space by #TimeTraveller Jerry Mapokgole Sham and Dale DK Kopping

Spring Fiesta 2016 was held on the 1st October at the Wild Waters Complex, otherwise known as the venue for H2O.

In my opinion Spring Fiesta 2016 is the Black H2O.

What do I mean Black H2O?

I mean that it is everything the H2O party was, with Huge Stage Productions, Killer Line Ups, 5/6 different dance floors but predominantly attended by our Black Brothers and Sisters.

Man, do they know how to party or what?.

Myself and Jerry arrived after 6pm so we missed the scorching sun but boy oh boy the event was Jam Packed.

Thousands upon thousands of people all celebrating the same thing and that was Music.

Being one of the few white people who attended, I must say that I had just as an amazing time as the next person who was there and I can highly recommend that if you have never attended one before, that you do so next year because it was Awesome.

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