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Cross-cultural Music Magic!


Concert performances with Taiwan artists; Chi-pin Hsieh (jazz violin) and Kai-ya Chang (piano) in collaboration with

African Music Maestro Dizu Plaatjies and Cape Jazz Artists Amanda Tiffin (voice), Shaun Johannes (bass) & Kevin Gibson (drums)


1522 October 2017 – Cape Town


Violinest and pianast

Kai-ya Chang and Chi-pin Hsieh


The special Taipei-Cape Collaboration has tagged teamed with visiting Taiwanese jazz artists Chi-pin Hsieh (jazz violin) and Kai-ya Chang (piano).Together they join forces with the South African jazz musicians Amanda Tiffin, Shaun Johannes and Kevin Gibson.

In order to present a Jazz performances in Cape Town from 15 to 22 October 2017.



The genres of Chi-pin Hsieh and Kai-ya Chang is a blend of jazz, classical and traditional Taiwanese elements, where they have created their own distinctive sound which traverses a wide selection of musical styles. Some of these styles consist of swing, bop, fusion, funk to which they love to add “Taiwanese flavour” into their original music.

Childhood memories, life scenes, local landscapes and customs, even tasty snacks are all integrated into their compositions and improvisations, resulting in a kind of oriental jazz style.


The collaboration between these artists, sound like a promising and sensational experience to attend. Where audiences can expect; to hear the velvet voice of South Africa’s, Cape Town jazz vocalist Amanda Tiffin, blended with the soulful violin of Chi-pin Hsieh and backed by the dynamic rhythms of Gibson, Johannes, and Chang.

The concert will be woven together by Africa’s award winning maestro, Dizu Plaatjies.


South Africa Culture

Collaboration Culture


The Spotlight Taiwan is facilitated by the Taipei Liaison Office, through the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan. The project seeks to promote international cultural, by exchanges and cultivate a greater interest in culture worldwide.




15 to 22 October 2017



Amanda Tiff

Sunday 15 October, 12pm – 2pm

Open Rehearsal with;

Chi-pin Hsieh (jazz violin),Kai-ya Chang (piano) and Cape Town Jazz musicians Amanda Tiffin, Shaun Johannes and Kevin Gibson

Venue : Chisholm Recital Room at the SA College of Music at UCT, SA College of Music at UCT

“Free admission – seating is limited (reservation)” via Quicket  http://qkt.io/h92s0Y



Sunday 15 October, 6.30pm – 8pm

Concert : Special Performance with Dizu Plaatjies

Venue : Chisholm Recital Room, SA College of Music at UCT

Tickets R120

Book http://qkt.io/6kr8UE


Wednesday 18 October, 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Free public lecture with Chi-pin Hsieh & Kai-ya Chang

Creating new with old: Incorporating Taiwanese traditional music influences in the Contemporary Jazz Compositions of Hsieh and Chang

Venue : Room S4, South African College of Music at UCT

“Free admission – limited seating”


Two more concerts (without Dizu);

Saturday 21 October, 7pm – 9pm

Concert: Taipei-Cape Jazz Connection

Venue : Kronendal Music Academ

Tickets R130, LIMITED

Book http://qkt.io/8ErbaB

Info  dwynne@intekom.co.za

Call 021 790 4457


Sunday 22 October 6pm – 8pm

Concert: Taipei-Cape Jazz Connection

VenueOlympia Bakery

Tickets R150

Book   http://qkt.io/slowtaibake

Information info@slowlife.co.za

Call Paul Kahanovitz 082 892 0350



 Taipei-Cape Jazz Connection project: http://fb.me/taipeicapejazz




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