SPCA Rocking for the paws Festival

SPCA Fundraiser Poster

Venue: Brazen HeadThe Library Sandton
(Corner of Anne Cresent and Linden Road, Strathavon, Sandton)
Date: 10 May 2014
Time: 11:30am for 12pm

SPCA Roodepoort, SPCA Sandton, Fanbase Music Magazine, BrazenheadThe Library Sandton, S.A
Music news, B Sharp entertainment, Zone Radio and The Riff.co.za Magazine proudly present to you
a day of music, fun and prizes for our Furry Friends at the SPCA Roodepoort and SPCA Sandton.

The Library SANDTON

As you all know winter is upon us and with weather temperatures reaching single digits, the SPCA is
in great need of warm blankets and dog/cat food. SPCA Roodepoort, SPCA Sandton, Fanbase Music
Magazine, Brazenhead-The Library Sandton, S.A Music news, B Sharp entertainment, Zone Radio and
The Riff.co.za Magazine along with some awesome South African bands have decided to make a
difference and raise funds for the winter season for both SPCA Roodepoort and SPCA Sandton.
This event will be held at BrazenheadThe Library Sandton on 10 May 2014 and will start at 11:30am
for 12:00


Bands that will be playing for this very worthy cause is:

Chaz Nielson The MC for the day welcomes everyone
Stone Griffin (12pm-12:30pm)
The Barcode Bandits (12:4513:15)
(Break for raffles at (13:1513:30)
State Society (13:4514:15)
The Carolina Bridal Party (14:30pm-3pm)
Justin Serrao (15:15pm-15:45)
Cito – (16:0016:30)
4:30 proceedings close (Chaz Nielsen MC for the day will play a short 15 min Acoustic set of a few songs (If time allows it)


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Raffles and Prizes to be won
There will be some awesome prizes and raffles up for grabs so make sure you don’t miss out and
bring a bit of extra cash. Keep watching the SPCA Roodepoort, SPCA Sandton, Fanbase Music
Magazine, Brazenhead-The Library Sandton. S.A Music news, B Sharp entertainment, Zone Radio and
The Riff.co.za Magazine social medias for more info.


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Entrance Fee is only R40 but if you would like to also donate a blanket or a bag of food or even a
cash donation then please bring it with on the day.

All Donations are very welcomed and much
appreciated. So bring your friends and family to enjoy a show suitable for the whole family.
See you there!

Sandton SPCA

Roodepoort SPCA Banner

About Cito
Cito is best known for being the front man of one of South Africa’s longest existing and most
legendary rock bands, WONDERboom. Currently in their 18th year, WONDERboom has headlined
every festival in the country, been nominated on five different occasions for SAMA Awards and are
still going strong! A number of Cito’s side projects, most especially Absinthè and El Cantante are also
in constant demand for performances around the country.
Cito’s acting debut this year has seen him in the Bengali hit blockbuster film Chander Pahar, released
in India and USA to a great positive response and the upcoming US Television Series Black Sails.
His entrance into theatre has led to great critical and audience acclaim as Jesus in Jesus Christ
Superstar and Frederick Trumper in Chess – The Musical, showcasing his diversity. Cito relished the
challenge of performing the power Queen numbers in Sean Bovim’s Queen at the Ballet in both sold
out seasons in Cape Town in 2012, and is currently wowing Joburg audiences in this production at
Joburg Theatre until 13 April.

About Justin Serrao
Justin Serrao is a solo acoustic act that sings from the heart! his passion can be felt in his
performance. His music is written from real experiences, adventures and idea’s. His soul fire voice
will surprise you and his catchy songs and Riffs will be in your head for days, craving for the next
performance to feel that passion and fire again.
South African singer-songwriter, solo artist
He released his debut solo acoustic album “Touching Toes Without Clothes” August 2012. available
in Look & Listen SA, also available for listening on https://soundcloud.com/#JustinSerrao
His latest Single ‘Friends’ is done with the full band it is available on iTunes
The single is playlisted on Highveld 94.7, Jacaranda 94.2, mix fm 93.8, Rock fm 91.9, 2 oceans vibe
radio and other smaller stations. the music video was released in June 2013
Justin recently performed at Jozi On Fire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2UZfoKS5MU
About State Society
With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from blues to rock to pop rock, metal and
alternative, the band “State Society” shows no limitations with their writing ability and style. Starting
in September 2011 with a three man line up and recently adding an additional member to become a
four piece. “State Society ” has done nothing but try to break the mould of today’s boring repetitive
commercial/ pop rock genre remaining true to the set objective of their project, “easy listening
positive music”. With music influenced by bands such as Dave Mathews, Foo fighters, The Temper
Trap, U2, The Narrow, Coldplay and the likes. State Society mixes commercial rock, pop rock, hard
rock and a “feel good” element together seamlessly. The vocals are a mixture of choral multiples
including a call to anthem in their lyrics that have a definite social conscience. This band tries their
hardest to be real to everyone they come in contact with and be professional on every level, from
live to studio and relationships with fellow bands, promoters, event organisers last and most
importantly their fans.
After playing a countless number of shows in the last year they called it their “Club Tour”, across
South Africa in the middle of recording their debut album “State Society” is preparing to start a new
chapter. They have just finished recording their debut full length album entitled “This Life”. They are
releasing it independently as a testament to all their hard work over the last two years. After the
CD’s release the band is planning on continuing to play shows for anyone and everyone into the
year, while also searching for a label to possibly call home. “Music Videos, TV/Radio Interviews,
festivals and fan engagement, including lining up the writing process for our second album are in our
sights” says Cliff the front man of the band. So be ready and gear up for “State Society” as they make
a name for themselves.
twitter @statesociety1
About The Carolina Bridal Party
The Carolina Bridal Party, an oldschool styled Blues band with strange origins
A hunter’s moon peered out from behind the clouds, as four strangers strode down destiny’s path
towards their inevitable meeting. On this night of nights our strangers were heading for a local
whisky joint filled with rats, sailors, hoars and dirty glasses. The dive was packed and the smell of
sweat and smoke filled your nostrils, it was the perfect place for a fight, the bloody knuckles and
broken noses of the patrons testified to that.
Some nerd was playing folk guitar on the stage and soon flying bottles and bar stools hastened the
end of his gig. Amongst this frenzied collection of drunks and mercenaries, a lone warrior guitarist
stood tall before them. With an ebony Les Paul and a bottle of Johnnie Walker, Murray began with a
lick that shut the unruly crowd up. Soon his fingertips glowed like red hot embers as the notes
electrified the air.From the back corner a heavy bearded man named Shaun downed his tenth
Nordic ale and leapt on the stage. With his base guitar in his hands he grooved as smooth as
chocolate milk.
Soon Gert stood on the stage and riffed as an equal, his fingers dancing amongst the frets like they
were on cocaine.
Now the joint was really packed and the whiskey was flowing like a river. The final adventurer to join
the trio was Kyle, a titan of percussion; he sat behind the drums and unleashed a furious beat that
sounded like he played with switchblades and hand grenades instead of sticks and hi-hats.
The crowd seethed, the walls shook. The whole place was tearing at the seams and soon the building
began to crumble and burn before the mighty sound of the blues. The crowd did not care they let
the rafters, bricks and mortar tumble around them and danced the night away beneath the gaze of a
hunters moon
About The Barcode Bandits
The Barcode Bandits got together in July 2012. The band has ‘found themselves’ exceptionally
quickly and are now a solid and cohesive unit.
The Barcode Bandits are dedicated to breaking away from the world’s events and walking their own
path. They are the bandits of the barcode system that society follows each and every day. Even
though it’s a simple three- piece acoustic band, the powerful rock still oozes out of each and every
song they perform. ‘Music has been the best medium for them to express their views and feelings on
the universe’.
You would be forgiven for thinking that this is a young band just starting up, but each member brings
a lot of experience from past and present projects. They are very familiar with the
Gauteng’s music venues and are rapidly increasing their fan base with every gig they perform.

About Stone Griffin
A long time ago whilst the fires were burning bright
A dark cloud arose which suffocated the light
The light which shone upon each of our souls
The light that meant to give us pure rock & roll
As the glory and beauty slowly faded away
The prophecy we believe was the only way
That one day there would come a new kind
Same at the heart but different in mind
The order of the gods unlocked his mighty tomb
To come save us all from destruction and doom
Ripped from the cradle, freed from the stone
Destined to reign and watch from his throne
To rescue his people from a world that was torn
That’s when the mighty stone griffin was born

About Chaz Nielsen
Front man of Metal band Because of Betrayal, Chaz Nielsen is also an awesome acoustic solo
performer, his confident attitude in front of crowds makes the task of being the MC for the day a
very good choice, Chaz will also be doing a short acoustic performance on the day if time allows it.
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