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Immerse yourself in a magical world of dreams and imagination,

interactively reviving your childhood ankle-deep in snow!


For the first time ever, the multi-award winning critically acclaimed international sensation, Slava’s Snowshow storms into SA later this year.  This show brilliantly creates a universal world in a timeless theatrical spectacle while enchanting and empowering the imagination of audiences across the globe, resulting in millions of enthusiastic spectators across all nationalities, gender, beliefs, types and ages.  The gradual transformation of the spectator during the show is one of the greatest feats Slava’s Snowshow has to offer.  Get ready to be catapulted back to your childhood as Slava’s Snowshow takes you on a uniquely spontaneous interactive and wildly entertaining journey under a snowy blanket.


Presented by leading local promoter, Showtime Management Slava’s Snowshow opens on Tuesday, 26 July 2016 at the Teatro Montecasino, Johannesburg and runs until Sunday, 14 August 2016. The production moves to the Artscape Opera House, Cape Town from Wednesday, 17 August to Sunday, 28 August 2016. Tickets are on sale now at Computicket. Hashtag: #SlavasSnowShow


Over the past 20 years, this unmistakably unique, yet constantly evolving comedy masterpiece has played to millions of people across the globe in more than 120 cities including New York, London, Sydney, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. Lauded as a theatre classic of the 20th century by The Times in London, the show’s creator, Slava Polunin is praised as the most illustrious clown in the world. 


Critics the world-over rave! “Slava’s Snowshow is as theatrical as it is simple, as involving as it is inspiring.” says Variety while London’s Financial Times describes the show; “spreads a blanket of benevolent charm over the audience, holding them spellbound…” but perhaps the London Daily Telegraph best sums up the experience: “Slava’s Snowshow touches the heart as well as the funny bone. Full of laughter and joy it is a thing of rare theatrical beauty not to be missed”.

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Slava’s Snowshow transports you into dream-like places – a bed becomes a boat in a storm-tossed sea; a woman is wrapped in cellophane and becomes flowers in a vase; a child walks in amazement inside a bubble; Slava boards a train and then becomes the train, his chimney-pot hat billowing smoke and a web of unspun cotton envelopes the audiences.  The stunning not-to-be missed finale sees a letter turn into snowflakes, and the flakes turn into a snowstorm that whirls around the auditorium leaving the audience ankle-deep in snow.


A wordless show that leaves you speechless – laughter through tears – the most heart warming show on earth – rare theatrical beauty – blissful – theatrical brilliance – an unforgettable miracle – a pure form of human kindness.  After the show ends, nobody wants to leave the theatre – the joy is remembered forever – each person sees his or her own story in the show, your own world comes to life.


“Slava’s Snowshow is a unique piece of theatre that is difficult to pigeon hole in one genre.  It is comedic, tragic, dramatic and will take the audience out of their day-to-day world and transport them to a beautiful, dazzling, enchanting place that will bring out your inner child.  It is an unmissable theatrical feast and Showtime are proud to be bringing the show to South African audiences.” says Showtime’s Tony Feldman.


This highly acclaimed international visual clown masterpiece for families, lovers and joy seekers is easily understood by all round the world. Book now at Computicket by calling 0861 915 8000, visit or your nearest Computicket service centre.  For more information, visit or For special Montecasino Group Hospitality Packages for groups of 20 persons and more please contact or telephone 011 367 4250 and stay current on the latest news through social media on Facebook, Twitter  and YouTube.