Every man wants to look his best but what if you try and don’t get the desired result? Maybe it’s time to revise your knowledge and add something new to your grooming routine? Barbers at barber shop Midtown East have prepared a list of essential tips for your everyday grooming.

Tip #1 Start with food

In fact, you can’t have a handsome look, if your body lacks some nutrient elements. For this reason, you need to provide your organism with the balanced diet and include more fruits and vegetables. It is also advisable to avoid bad habits, such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

Tip #2 Water is necessary

You may think, how can water influence my grooming routine? Look, if your skin is not hydrated properly, you get unhealthy complexion. No matter what you do, you won’t look good with puffy eyes. Barbers at barber shop Midtown East recommend drinking at least 13 cups of water daily and start your morning routine with a beer glass of lukewarm water.

Tip #3 Shower

Yeah, we finally get to your appearance. Bath help not only to stay clean but also make you smell so adorable that every woman will follow you. Moreover, there is no easier thing: water, shower, and towel. Voila, you are ready!

Tip #4 Shave

Nothing can create the worse impression about you than unkempt beard, mustache or third-day stubble. If you can’t manage your face hair by yourself, make an appointment at your favorite barbershop and let the professionals do their work.

Tip #5 Hands Up!

If you think that nobody notices the way your hands look, you are wrong. For women, men’s hand is one of the most attractive parts of the body. Moreover, if you have dirty hands with long nails (and dirt under them), there is a great chance that women regard it as disrespect and cancel the business meeting. We hope you catch the idea and will keep a nail clipper and file somewhere near you.

Ti p#6 Say ‘NO’ to shagginess

If you find hair in your nose, ears and on your chest sexy, people around you don’t. Hair never stops its growth, so try to maintain hair on these parts of your body regularly. If to speak about hair on your head, you need to wash it with shampoo and conditioner at least every other day. No matter your hair is long or short, it should have a neat look, so visit your barber for the fresh trim every month.

We hope these simple tips will help you to change your life for better.

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