Summer is the best time to go short. You ask why? Well, let’s think, no sweat, minimum styling efforts, and more free time for rest. You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to make your hair look nice. Are you still in a doubt? Here is more benefits of making short hairstyles for women! Short hair continues to be one of the most popular trends in fashion industry all over the world. Our Hollywood stars do not get tired of proving this statement. More and more famous women cut their hair. Some do it for a new role, other just because they got bored of their image. Anyway, all of them look stunning! Do you want to cut your hair now? Our specialists at fashionable hair salon offer you three incredibly sophisticated and elegant short hairstyles for women.


Scarlett Johansson and modernized pixie

Pixie haircut became extremely popular in 2014, and still it continues to be on top. Thousands of different variations appeared thanks to talented stylists. Scarlett illustrates us one of the most successful examples of it. Short sides with long, thick bangs create an ideal combination. An interplay of light blonde colors and dark shades underlines her attractive skin color and deep eyes.


Winnie Harlow and old fashioned pixie

If you think about unusualness and uniqueness, what comes to your mind first? In our case it is Winnie Harlow. Her extraordinary look becomes perfectly balanced with the help of old fashioned, Audrey Hepburn like pixie. If you are a fan of everything antique and exquisite, this hairstyle is meant for you. Going for classic is always a good decision.


Cara Delevingne and her bob

Cara is one of these women who cut her gorgeous locks for role. Nevertheless, she still looks stunning. One of her last images included juice red dress and grey, ashy bob with one side swept. Can you guess what? It was marvelous! Achieving similar hair shade can appear to be a difficult task for you, but if you want to look like a star, you should work hard.


Choose one of beautiful looks above, and bring it to life without any doubts. Trust us, you will look breathtakingly!