1. Shampoo your locks

According to experts at NYC Hair Salon, clean hair is the main prerequisite of a perfect blow-out. Dirty locks are much more difficult to work with; moreover, they don’t hold the needed shape well. For this reason, you should clean your hair thoroughly and don’t forget about your conditioner!


  1. Pre-dry your hair

Since the main goal is to give your hair the needed shape and texture, you should pre-dry it first. Firstly, gently squeeze your locks with a towel. Secondly, select the lowest heat setting and dry with a blow dryer. Your hair has to be half-dry before you start the main process.

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  1. Create a foundation

It’s essential to create a foundation by using specific styling products. If your hair is weak and damaged, you should definitely apply a thermal protectant to avoid stronger damage. Flat locks need volumizing products to look fuller while thick hair requires mousse or gel to be more obedient!

  1. Divide into sections

You should divide your hair into sections for a number of reasons. This little trick helps you to work through each layer thoroughly, thus ensuring the success of your efforts. Consider the density of your hair when choosing the number of sections.


  1. Use the right tools

If you want to create a professional blow-out, you have to use the right tools. Most experts at NYC Hair Salon recommend using a paddle brush for creating straight styles. If you strive for romantic waves, then you should give preference to a ceramic brush, which resembles curling iron during the exposure to heat.


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