Cape Town Comedy Club – A Night of Headliners

Brought to you by Savanna Cider, Friday 17th March 2017

On a drizzly Friday night I was invited to attend the Cape Town Comedy Club – A Night of Headliners, located at the Pumphouse in the V&A Waterfront.

After a hectic week, a night of laughter is exactly what I needed!

We arrived in good time to enjoy dinner before the show, and were welcomed with our free Savanna as we walked through the doors.

The show seemed to be fully booked and there was quite a buzzing atmosphere as we took our seats right in the front row (a very daring move in a comedy show).

My charming date and I shared a delicious pizza and chilli poppers to fill the grumbling tummies, and wow were those poppers HOT.

After we had our Savanna Ciders and were stuffed from the food, the show took off like a bang!

Tracy Klass was the MC for the evening took great care of us.

Her classy sense of humour and ability to interact with the entire crowd was spot on, she tied the show together for me.

She also created the labels of the audience, which was used throughout the show and added an extra touch.

We were known as the “serious couple”, another table was known as the “lesbian book club”, and the two girls from “Hollywood”.

The first act was lead by Carl Weber, who presented a classic act and got the crowd warmed up very nicely.

He offered a great mix of reality and humour which I was rather fond of.

Next was Rob van Vuuren, and wow was he crazy!

He was rather fond of my date and kept rubbing his crotch in his face, while maintaining eye contact to try intimidate him.

Needles to say that Matt was not the right person to pick on, as he had NO SHAME in staring him straight back in the eye – AWKWARD!

The rest of his act was a little too gruesome for my taste but others laughed and found it entertaining.

They certainly left the best for last as Archie Maddocks was captivating!

From the moment he walked on stage with his charming accent (from the UK) he grabbed the audience.

He spoke mostly of his travel experience, that was hilarious.

His presence on stage was also very confident and was a great way to end off the evening.

DJ AK then took the show away and lots of dancing was had.

What a great way to start off the weekend, thank you!

I wish I could have shared so many more images with you all, but the lighting was very dark and I did not want to disturb any of the acts with a flash.

So I worked with what I could 🙂

Until next time