I was contacted about 2 weeks ago by the cashless card company called Howler Loaded to be one of their

influencers at the BLACK COFFEE BLOCK PARTY event.

Yes you know the ones who take care of us at different events.

The ones who make going to an event without taking your wallet with you, that much more enjoyable,

Yes those guys.

Well for those who don’t know who Howler Loaded is I’m going to tell you very quickly.

Howler Loaded is a cashless card company.

What that means is that when you attend an event that Howler Loaded are involved in, you need not worry

about carrying cash on you.

You simply visit their website and register once you buy your ticket to the event.

Then you transfer money into your Howler Loaded account and then when you arrive at the event you collect your

card with your pre-loaded funds already on.

It is that simple.

Sure you can also collect a card at the event and load funds directly onto the card at the event.

Then you use the Howler Loaded card at the events to make purchases for food,

drinks and everything else on sale at the event.

howler loaded

#DKEXP #BCBP2017, #HowlerLoaded,

I hope you know what Howler Loaded is now?

It was a hot and sunny Saturday and I left my house round 2pm and had to do some errands before going to collect

my mate Andrew who was going to join me at the #BCBP event.

We arrived at Maryfitz Gerald Square in Newtown Johannesburg round 4pm and made our way to the

Backstage area,  as that is where I had accreditation to park and enter from.

Cool Hey?

Once we had parked the car and made our way to the entrance of Backstage we could hear the music been played

and noticed an artist was performing and then also noticed loads of people still standing waiting outside to get in.

We thought that was rather odd as the gates should have been open from 2pm,

so why is security not allowing anyone in.

Then at 5pm the gates opened and now people started to enter the venue.

That is a cuck way to spend your Saturday especially if you had waited outside the entrance to the venue

from 12pm, in the hopes that you’d be one of the first to enter at 2pm,

only to have to sit around outside and wait until 5pm.

Now it was apparently something to do with JOC not being happy with layout due to safety reasons or something to

that affect and so the organizers had to make changes and that is why they opened 3 hours late.

Look it wasn’t a problem for us because we had only just arrived, but I understand why the other people were all in

a bad mood for spending 3 hours and more in the hot sun,

without refreshments and no one to actually explain what was going on.

We were greeted by a very cool woman named Candice from NuWave who handed us our armbands and walked us

through into the venue.

We said thanks and made our way to the Howler Loaded tent to meet with Anthony, the man in charge of

Howler Loaded.

We introduced ourselves and he then handed us our cards loaded with cash which we could

use throughout the event.

Having a cashless card is rather awesome as we went and bought lunch which was a Delicious Prego Steak Roll

from one of the food trucks.

Then we went to the bar to get a drink but they did not stock any energy drinks at all.

How do you keep red bull fridges but no red bull?

Anyways I got myself 2 cokes as they were the small cans, as one can only filled half my cup and Andrew got a

brutal fruit.

We handed our Howler Loaded cards to the barman to Tap and Go.

Howler Loaded makes life so easy when attending these types of events.

We collected our food and found a table to sit and eat at.

The venue wasn’t yet that busy so after we had finished eating we decided to take a walk around.

We bumped into some people we knew and had a bit of a catch up session as we hadn’t seen each other for a

couple of years.

The day light was slowly fading and the sun was starting to set and it was almost time for Andrew and I to leave as

we had to go cover the EFC 66 which was held at Sun Arena in Pretoria.

We arrived at the EFC at 9pm and covered the Main Card Bouts which ended at midnight.



the EFC was over we got back into the car and drove back to the #BCBP event to catch the last hour of

DJ Black Coffee set.

Having VIP and Backstage tickets was great because we got to go on stage while Black Coffee was playing and

get some photos and videos.



The production was awesome with thumping bass and massive sound as well as some really

cool visuals.


Howler Loaded really does make #everymomentmatter especially when you at an event and don’t want to

worry about carrying a wallet on you, because when you at such events with thousands of people you bound to

either lose your wallet or it could even get pickpocketed off you,

which has happened to me a few times over the years.

I’m going to end this review off by saying THANKS to Howler Loaded for this amazing cashless experience and I

now look forward to attending more events without having to carry my wallet and just use a Howler Loaded card.


Images and words by Dale DK Kopping and video by Andrew Yapanis