It was a month ago just before christmas when my mate Jerry who I call G came to visit me at work.

Now he had already closed for the year so he was in full swing holiday mode.

He walked in wearing his sneakers, shorts and T-shirt, glasses and headphones.

I asked G what he was listening to and he replied with a laugh. “I’m jamming this Formula 1 game on my phone.”

Real Racing 3

Now those who know me know that car and racing games have never been my first choice of games to play, especially a car or racing game on my phone.

I tell G you such a chop, car games suck.

Throughout the day G was constantly on his phone jamming this game, so I decided to download it myself and see what all the fuss was about.

I headed on over to the Google play store and downloaded this Formula 1 game that kept G busy for no less than 3 hours whilst visiting me.

Once the game downloaded I gave it a go….. it sucked just as I suspected.

There must be better games I thought to myself and went back into the Google play store and searched for racing games and the one at the top of the list was REAL RACING 3.

I scrolled through the screenshots and it looked better than what I had just been playing so I downloaded it.

Well let me just state on record that REAL RACING 3 must be the most Fun, Entertaining, Time Consuming, Racing game I have ever played.

Real Racing 3

This game has exceptional graphics, easy customizable controls and awesome tracks. Best of all this game has some excellent car choices from BMW, MERCEDES, FORD,  PORSCHE, CORVETTE, CHEV, HONDA, HYUNDAI, DODGE, FERRARI, ARIEL ATOMS, NISSAN, LEXUS, to name but a few of the manufacturers.

When you start the game you have a choice between a Ford Focus or Nissan Silvia, obviously I went with the Ford.

With the gameplay so close to the real deal and the camera angles you can choose really make this one of the best Racing games you’ll ever play.

I don’t usually fall into the category of a serious mobile gamer or even one who spends money on mobile games, because all of these awesome games nowadays have in app purchases as a compulsory way in which you need to succeed and get to the highest levels, so I generally stop playing the games at that point.

But not this time!

In Real Racing 3 I had no problem spending R300 on the first day I started playing this game just to increase the amount of cars in my garage.

I have now opened up every car classification to race in.

I have 24 vehicles and a garage worth R$14 million and so far spent over 58 hours racing different cars on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and another 48 hours play time on my iPad which is linked to my google account so it updates on both devices, that’s how great I think this game is.

Don’t take my word for it but I highly recommend you give it a download and try it out for yourself.

This is where I end my review because I have some races to win


  • Real Cars
  • Real Tracks
  • Race Real People
  • Real Racing Experience
  • Easy to control the cars
  • Rad Soundtrack
  • Online and Offline gameplay


  • All Top Cars are Expensive and cost real money
  • Race Winnings not high enough

My overall rating for this game is a 8/10 which is extremely good for a racing game in my opinion.

Here is the link for Google play store

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this game so please leave a comment below.