Change your routine to avoid unpleasant consequences!

  1. Dull Blades

Dirt, residue hairs, and product buildup cause rusting and dulling of the razor. Make sure to clean them after every use under the faucet including the underside. Do it with moderately warm water. Pat your tool with a towel or use a hair dryer to get rid of the moisture. It will help to avoid bacteria. You should always keep your razor covered to protect it from dust and microbes, which might get in-between the blades.

  1. Insufficient Preparation

Pay a little bit more attention to your pre-shaving routine even if running late. Hop in the hot shower and spend extra five minutes there before you try to hack up your mug. High temperature will soften your skin and reduce your chances of having to change your name to Scarface. Rub some beard oil on your face to lube it up before slapping on your favorite shaving cream. Avoid using too much of this miraculous product – you still want to reach hair.

  1. Poor Technique

Wanna shave like the best barbers in New York? Use light, short strokes and you might succeed. Apply too much pressure, and you’ll end up bathing in your own blood. Don’t be sad if you do. Slather the battle wound with Vaseline or douse it in Listerine. It should stop the bleeding and make you smell fresh. Always clean your razor after every pass and re-apply the shaving product when needed. Don’t try to shave dry skin. You are not that good. Keep it safe, buddy, keep it safe.

Follow these tips to avoid razor burn!

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