Beatmochini to Host an Online Listening Session Tonight & EP Release on Friday 10th March

Tonight (Thursday, 09th March 2017) at 7PM CAT he will be having a live listening session from his Facebook page (Beatmochini),which will give the audience an exclusive pleasure to sample the EP before it’s official release date.

Beatmochini’s Friday March 10th EP is set to be released as a free download on Back to The City’s website from 1PM CAT amongst other contenders of the EP Challenge which was initiated by Osmic Menoe. Beatmochini has taken the courtesy to drop the cover for the anticipated EP a week ago.

Friday March 10th EP contains artists like The Band Academy, Jimmy Wiz, X-Rate just to name a few. The EP consists of 6 songs from some of the artists Beatmochini believed in and whom some he connected with via Facebook.

March 10th is also a special day for the gentleman as his will also be celebrating his birthday.

Download Site on March 10th at 13H00 (1PM CAT):

Facebook: Beatmochini | Twitter: @Beatmochini | IG: @Beatmochini

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