cara frew

The awesome people over at Capacity Relations have recently signed up the amazing, beautiful and talented Singer/Songwriter Cara Frew and invited me to their offices for an opportunity to have a 1 on 1 interview.

I arrived at the offices of Capacity Relations where I’m greeted by the ever so bubbly Daniella and escorted to the boardroom. I begin to unpack my gear that I’ll be using to record the interview and set everything up whilst I wait for Cara to arrive. Not even 3min later Daniella and 2 beautiful ladies walk in and I recognize Cara right away (still gorgeous as I remember from Pinkie Fest last year as it was my first time seeing her perform and taking photos of Cara.) The 2nd lady also very beautiful I assumed was her older sister turned out to be Cara’s mom/manager. We say our hellos as we decide where everyone was going to sit. Once all 4 of us were comfortable we began the interview.


DK: Morning Cara, why the slight limp?

CF: I horse ride every morning and today my Stallion stood on my toe and he is big, 18 hands big and stocky too. Its throbbing now but I know it’s not broken. (hahaha)

DK:  What do you do every day when you ride?

CF: It depends. My mare has just seen the vet, so she has to be hand walked for the next couple of days.  My stallion is not so fit at the moment so we are also just walking him a lot. But it’s plenty of controlled strides, getting them flexible and back into routine.

cara frew

DK: Ever fallen off?

CF: Only once when I was 10 – my horse jumped funny and I fell off but nothing serious, no injury.

DK: If you could be any super hero, who would it be and why?

CF: Super girl. Just like the new series Super girl is named Kara but with a K and she is blonde  and I would love her super speed  because I do a lot in my daily life, so to be able to get things done super-fast would make my days easier as there is just so much happening in my day . I have to act like super girl to get it all done.

DK:  What has been your biggest challenge to date within the industry?

CF: Um I think I still face it, I haven’t quite made it yet,  I have a lot of goals I set out for myself, I’m pretty hard on myself and my challenge has been really connecting with the right producers and songwriters. Right now I am really sitting with a great group of musicians around me but it’s taken a lot of time and they probably aren’t the musicians that will be with me forever but for this particular project I’m working on now I’m really happy and being able to work with other producers is also great.

cara frew

DK: Speaking of producers, tell me how was it working with Black Coffee?

CF:  Incredible, I really respect him so much because when I met him I never had anything to show for myself. I mean, I had a big dream and I knew I wanted to be a singer ever since I was 10 years old. But I hadn’t had a song on radio; I really just had my determination.  Hahaha, I met Black Coffee in 2013 at ADE, which is a music conference in Amsterdam. He spoke on one of the panels, which I attended. After the panel was over, I introduced myself and told him that I was a huge fan of his work and would love the opportunity to pitch on one of his upcoming tracks. Then I emailed him a couple of times for six months and he never responded. I knew I wasn’t a priority to him at the time so I just had to wait and I also knew he was working on his stuff. You see at that stage I wasn’t adding anything to his brand, he would be adding to mine and he obviously had to make sure that the timing was right. A few months later, Madiba passed away and I did a tribute song which I asked my mom to film for me. I tweeted the video to Black Coffee and he followed me back and sent me a private message saying that my voice is beautiful, and I replied asking if we could do a track together. Hahaha and that’s kind of where the ball started rolling. He is an incredible person and so humble. Like even now when I am working on a track he is the first person I send it to, especially if they are dance orientated, if they aren’t dance orientated he’ll still tell me if it’s lovely or if it’s not.  He gave me the confidence to release Falling – he was the first person to hear it and he loved it!

cara frew falling

cara frew falling

DK: Why did you select the Charities that you currently work with?

CF:  I work with education and child development because I think it is so important to promote education in our country.  One of the reasons we have high crime rates in South Africa is because of a lack of education in early stages of child development.  If we equip the youth with the skills and knowledge to apply themselves in life, they would be less likely to go down that route. I also love kids and I can sing and dance with them and really connect on a level they understand.

DK: What has been your craziest FAN story to date?

CF: I was in an Uber tax, on my way to perform with Black Coffee and our song come on the radio and I was like ‘’that’s my song’’ and he couldn’t believe it. He started to spam me and call me all the time, so I had to unfortunately contact Uber so he would stop.

DK: Have you ever had to Lip Sync any of your songs whilst performing?

CF: No I wouldn’t even go down that road if my voice is gone or something I wouldn’t perform. I don’t want to be labelled and Ashley Simpson LOL.

DK: Who are you current Best & Worst Artists?

CF: Best is definitely Black Coffee and Taylor Swift. I don’t like slating artists but worst is a local artist who I won’t name but she lip syncs and not very well either.

cara frew

DK: Who would you Shag, Marry and throw off a cliff?

CF: Throw Dr Luke off a cliff because of the whole Keisha saga. Marry would be umm… (at this point mom makes a comment well  you’ve been looking for that for a while….) Can I rather describe my ideal guy Honest, Loyal and Ambitious, Hard Working, Funny.. I’d like to marry Enrique Iglesias. Shag would be Calvin Harris but he is taken.

DK: Words of encouragement for the up and coming artists?

CF: Never give up, connect with local artists. Keep Focused. It won’t happen overnight. Set yourself up with likeminded people around you not people who will bring you down.

DK: Have you got any surprises that you’d like to share with your fans ?

CF:  Well I can’t really say because what if it doesn’t materialize? I mean I have sent him vocals to be added to his new album but he may not even use them and until it’s on his album cover I don’t want to jinx it.

DK: Who is your songwriter?

CF: I am my own songwriter. I’m strong willed and I have to be involved in the entire process of the creation of my music .

DK: Which SA Artists would you like to collab with?

CF: You know we have so much talent here but, I’d absolutely love to do a collab with Goldfish.

DK: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

CF: Life, relationships, how I’m feeling, situations, yeah if I’ve had a fight with someone.

DK: Have you ever written about your horse riding?

CF: So often those themes come through but people may not relate so I change it to be about a man or woman and somedays he just doesn’t want to comply. You train and train and go to a show and it all falls through just like in relationships, it can be going well and then one day it all falls to pieces.

DK: Do you play any instruments?

CF: I have my grade 5 in Violin, I got it a few years ago. I dabble on the piano but my voice is my main instrument.

DK: We know you busy with your first album at the moment and want to know if you have come up with a name for it yet?

CF: No it could be called Falling or Skin deep, I am not sure yet because it is a deep process but we doing it in a very interesting way and my fans can expect it in September.

DK: OK last question is What super power would you want and it can’t be a common one?

CF: I’d like healing power. Just to be able to help people in need. To be able to change situations like if someone was in trouble I could touch them and everything would dissipate.

cara frew

So there we have it guys some personal questions answered by Cara Frew and hopefully this has given you a bit more background info about this fantastic local artist. Make sure to follow Cara Frew on social media to stay updated on where she’ll be performing and also to be first to know when her album drops.