#DKEXP, #TheKingdom


When I found out that Plur Nation SA were bringing MARKUS SCHULZ aka The Unicorn Slayer to SA as the featured Artist of their 1st event #TheKingdom, which was held at the Nelson Mandela Bridge Station in Johannesburg I wasted no time and contacted the organizers to arrange Media Accreditation.

After waiting about 2 weeks and on the day before I finally received confirmation. I got excited and then double checked my calendar to see what else I had scheduled for the Saturday 12th September I was shocked. I was Accredited to shoot at the Redbull X-Fighters again that same Saturday morning/afternoon and then I was invited to attend the 15th Annual Guide Dog Association Ball, which myself and my beautiful fiancée Robyn attended. We got all dressed up for this formal event and off to Monte we went. It was around 10:30pm – 10:45pm we decided to leave so that I could make it to #TheKingdom on time for Markus Schulz set which began at 11pm until 1am.

After getting back home and changing out of my suit and into more comfy clobber I got in the car and drove to The Station. Upon arrival at Midnight all I could see were the bright colours of the lights glowing and making The Station look very impressive. Once the car was parked and my gear ready in hand I took a quick video of the Lazers and Lights (as seen below)

Then I got to the entrance received my Accreditation and walked up to what looked like the steepest set of stairs I had ever seen, and the first thing that popped into my mind was TG I’m not here drinking because I would have definitely bailed down the stairs. I eventually got to the top of the stairs and the sound system was banging. It wasn’t a sold out event but was a nice mixed crowd.

The Stage, Visuals and Lighting was very well done in my opinion as well as the nicely elevated VIP Area, which I was able to make my way up only once to get some wicked video and stills. Then once I had gotten what I needed I made my way towards the pit area and backstage. I was greeted by our Local DJ’s waiting to play their set who wanted their pictures taken. I then made my way onto the stage where I got up close and personal with Markus Schulz during his set and he looked like he was having immense fun behind the decks.

Now I was beginning to get thirsty and made my way back to the VIP area as the general bar area was packed and would have taken me about 30min or so to get myself a coke. When I got to the bottom of the VIP staircase this security dude stops me and says where is my armband, to which I showed him my Media tag. “No that does not work here” he says as he grabs my arm, to stop me from going up. I turn and look at him and say “brother man you saw me go up here not even 20min ago and now you not allowing me to go, what is with that?” ” “I just want to go get a coke, have you seen how full the other bar is?” “I don’t care” he says. His argument was that I never had the correct armband and no one has informed him of Media being allowed up there. I then show him pictures and say if I am allowed backstage with Media then why the F**K can’t I go up here? I even attempt to grab his radio and say call your boss and ask him please you wasting my time now. Well our little argument lasted about 10 min where I said to him here is my money if you not willing to let me go get a drink and I have a Media tag then why don’t you go for me please. It was at that moment another security dude arrives and I explain the situation to him and he looks to the other dude and says OK you can go.

Now for me that was the biggest and most disappointing thing to happen to me all night which in turn makes my experience even less enjoyable. Below are some pointers for any organizer to consider with regards to inviting Media to attend and promote your event:

  1. If you issue Media Tags to Media Personal please make sure your security is informed of the Privileges ie: Are Allowed into VIP Area, Are allowed into Pit Area etc!
  2. Don’t hand Media Tags without a lanyard or even a piece of string attached because it was a bloody mission to keep taking the damn thing out my pocket to show security.
  3. If you don’t have Media armbands printed for your event make sure you give them VIP or AAA
  4. Always and I mean Always treat your MEDIA as VVVVVVIP because without us providing your event with pre & post event coverage on our blogs, Magazines, Newspapers and social networks your event will fail.
  5. Without us Media professionals at your event to capture the Amazing Images and Video content you’ll land up having to use what your brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, auntie, uncle, friend, cleaner or whoever has captured images and video using their iPhone or Samsung or whatever and those will never be as good as what we the Media capture using our expensive and professional equipment.
  6. Please don’t pre arrange interviews with the International Artist or even Local Artist and us the Media and then make us wait for over 30 min only to be told they not in the mood. We also have better things to do then wait around pointlessly. Keep in mind that you approached us not the other way round.

So all in all I’m going to end off this review by saying Well Done PLUR NATION SA I give you 5 out of 10 because for a 1st event of its kind I did have a good time despite some issues stated above and look forward to your next one.

Review written and Expressions Frozen in Time & Space by Time Traveller @Dale Kopping using a Nikon D3200 with a 28mm – 300mm lens. Click here to view full album