King Price just launched cybersure (cyber insurance for businesses)


King Price created the cybersure game (space invaders’ style) which anyone can play.

But in order to move through the levels, you have to answer cyber-savvy questions.



After completing all 3 levels you are entered into a lucky draw to win a share of R1 million in

Bitcoin or cash, in March 2018. ?


Have a go at it on www.cybersure.co.za – you too could win!


The final round will be a LIVE knockout game.

Because King Price is cool like that.


king price BITCOIN cybersure

What does King Price Cybersure Cover?


King Price cybersure covers your computer systems, software and data, and also protects you

against liability arising from cyber attacks on these assets.


Cybersure includes cover for cyber liability and cybercrime, data breach expenses, damage to

computer systems and data, associated loss of income, and more.


king price cybersure

When sharing is caring?

But not when it comes to the info that keeps you in business.

Cybercrime is a reality and a risk that can’t be ignored.
In just a couple of clicks, you can be hacked, phished, scammed,
and easily seduced into opening infected attachments.
You could even be held to ransom… And your business could lose everything.

Cybercrime is no game!


So you need a plan to ensure that your business is fully protected against cyber risks.

And the king has developed just the plan for you:


King Price cybersure.

Get cyber protection for your business!

Contact your broker or call 0860 21 00 00.