Interviewing the Head of YouTube Business

Author: DK

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  1. Told you all, to mark my words and that it would be nothing but softball questions, and more of Casey giving himself away as colluding, and worse. Wake up, folks, this was some weak, staged crap

  2. Logan and Jake are for Kisd

  3. Great interview! Thank you for posting this.

  4. To everyone being so negative towards Casey – you obviously do not watch him enough. This is Casey he is not Philip DeFranco. They are two very different people with different styles of vidoes and personality. Please stop comparing and just take the positives from this interview, which is what Casey was trying to achieve.

  5. Yeah..instead of saying ‘bye’ to my friends, i accidentally say, ‘PLEASE BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL’…accidentaly..

  6. Sounds like the T is going to spawn an NEW alt internet “platform.” $ to follow. Redundant.

  7. So they didnt want to “make rash decisions” because so many peoples livelihoods depended on Logan’s YT Red series… but didn’t even hesitate to cancel Scare Pewdiepie Season 2 over much less 🤔

  8. No offence to Casey Neistat, but Phil Defranco is the only legit source as far as Youtube “news” is concerned, and the H3H3 Productions podcast / interview segments run a very close second. The real question is: Why would Robert knowingly dodge Phil & Ethan? I think that speaks volumes to the trustworthiness of the Q&A’s in this interview.

  9. Why hate on Logan o I got it Logan has more subs than you

  10. Softball questions, should have asked him about the instant demonetization and censorship of conservative channels. Hell channels are actually being taken down because of their conservative views. 😼

  11. Sounded like a politician answering the questions.

  12. I genuinely feel like this cleared up absolutely nothing. As a gesture, it was great, and hopefully this does open a door for a lot of these videos to exist, but literally the only thing I thought I learned from this is that advertisers feel like YouTube favours creators and vice versa. But that’s a tidbit of perspective, nothing remotely close to what this was supposed to be. Imagine if Casey had just absolutely shredded this guy with all of the hardball questions YouTubers have been shouting into the void. For starters, why the hell is YouTube so bad at communicating with its creators, to the point that even when they do release a statement it usually just confuses people more? What the hell was the idea with YouTube Heroes and is that really the direction they want to take the platform? All of these things people have questions about, that CASEY has had questions about, and I still feel like I have no answers.

    I don’t blame Casey, because I think he deserves all the credit in the world for making this happen in the first place, but hopefully this truly is the first of many, many conversations with lots of different creators and out of all of those we can pry some answers out of YouTube.

  13. Closed out immediately after his dude’s reasoning for not pulling the video down earlier was because “Logan has hundreds of people involved on his projects, people’s paychecks depend on it, we dont want to make a rash decision affecting so many people’s livelihoods.” No follow-up to that Casey? wtf.

  14. Waaayyyyy too much focus on the advertiser. At the end of the day the focus should be on the creators. They are what make the platform what it is

  15. Essa semana, eu vi algo sobre a JK que ela falava que tinham judeus nos livros do HP… E aí alguém twitou: Harry Potter and the Representation I Didn’t Actually Bother to Write But Still Want Credit For” e isso ajuda a resumir o vídeo!

  16. This video reaches 9 million viewers in a month

  17. Please let PhillyD make a real interview.
    Casey come on you’re not even trying.

  18. Thank you for the interview Casey. Here are the take home messages from the interview:
    1) be a female youtuber (it is helpful)
    2) they wont tell us what is appropriate, inappropriate to post for youtube videos.
    3) if you are a small youtuber like me who make original parodies, they would probably ignore you because YOU CANT EVEN EMAIL THEM AND ASK ABOUT A SIMPLE QUESTION when they recently announced that they will hire 10,000 human labour to manually review channels

  19. Very educational!
    Thank you very much!
    P. S. I’m a fresh vlogger and this video actually taught me a lot. All the Love!

  20. Nice try on the multi-cam. But editing it takes practice. Follow the flow of the conversation. Switching cameras just for the sake of switching cameras is distracting. If it’s for a pull-up, watch for continuity issues as well as audio “tells”.

  21. This guy just dodge every question, lied and made excuses

  22. Soft questioning. No wonder Casey worked with CNN.

  23. “We dont want to make rash decisions that affect people’s income.”


  24. Seemed like a lot of fluff and deflecting.

  25. These questions were soft and not that specific. The answers were vague and just a bunch of general talk “we are doing this” “we want to be that””blah blah blah”, his responses are like the ones Bungie give to its community on micro transactions.

  26. They let video played it as much as they could for revenue. Even though it was bad, they still made money and they know it.

  27. lol-ing at the comments who know nothing. only thinking about themselves LOL

  28. This guy is a big dumbass

  29. This interview was a nothingburger. All things we have already heard. Extremely disappointed in this interview.

  30. Whats the more recent logan paul controversy?

  31. TL;DR

    Casey: how are you going to change this?

    Robert: were working on it

  32. As a small content creator with various channels I personally think YouTubes demonetization policies are fucking despicable. You are pretty much limited to G and PG content if you want to make any money off your channel. Most network television couldn’t even be monetized on the platform. You can’t tell me that they are incapable of creating an algorithm that could disperse adult related ads to adult related content and children related ads to children related content. I personally think they are just taking the low hanging fruit because they don’t want to hire the people necessary to actually monitor and regulate it properly.

  33. I just had a heart attack at the beginning.

  34. do a big meeting with all big youtubers and the heads of youtube

  35. What does Robert have to say about YouTube’s attack on firearms related channels? They’ve been issuing strikes and demonitizing videos that clearly do not violate any rules, yet YouTube is saying they do.

  36. Gotta love that NYC background noise lol

  37. softball questions! where’s the follow ups?

  38. Casey, You have a great channel! I don’t get the Kardasians, I don’t get Jake and Logan Paul, but I get you. Talent bubbles out of you. Sometimes, talent rises to the top.

  39. Then why gun channels are getting hit so hard on demonization and strikes???

  40. I watched this then I was like oh shit it’s Casey.

  41. typical executive answers

  42. “We don’t want to make a rash decision because it affect 100s of people. It doesn’t just affect Logan Paul. So….they instead, decided to make a decision that will affect thousands upon thousands of people, just to protect Logan Paul and his 100 employees.

  43. I felt like it gave me a small window into their perspective which I appreciated; however, I felt he gave politicians answers, which isn’t surprising, just disappointing because it didn’t give any clear solutions. Maybe you tube should have its own YouTube channel where they communicate what’s going on. Maybe Casey should be working at YouTube. Haha

  44. You Casey, out of all youtubers, had one opportunity to make a difference, to change things, to pressure the authority, to keep them in check, and yet, you fucked it up. I’m honestly confused why this video is being liked to this extent. There’s not much substance we actually learned from this video, just a bunch of cliche you would expect from a business executive, safe questions and safe answers, and it is. The slight ass-kissing from each person is quite obvious, and you didn’t try to pressure him. Nor is this interview long enough, not to mention chunks of the video is not interview at all. And you advertised for him? to us? without telling us first? All of us (or just me), was being faithful and waiting for this interview, and in the end you are helping him to make more money and increasing his fame? It doesn’t make any sense. However, even with his careful wording and standard cliche, it’s clear he also has the “channel 4 cathy newman mentality”. He didn’t think they’ve fucked up. He’s never been a youtuber, he’s never created a channel, never tried to grow an audience, never tried to make money on that and struggled, never tried to deal with people like himself. He doesn’t have skin in the game, he’s never put himself in the actual youtubers’ shoes. This is actually huge, because this shows he’s NOT QUALIFIED.

    Casey, we (or just I) do appreciate you doing this for us, but I’m sorry to say that this attempt has failed. Good job Casey, bad job Kyncl.

  45. This was good but it should of been longer than 20 mins!

  46. He keeps saying, “We don’t succeed if you don’t succeed” but this is obviously not true. Youtube could easily succeed by favoring content created by large companies like Vevo which they already do


  48. Ask about PewDiePie please!

  49. I think sailor j is a great female creator like if you agree

  50. Can someone give me a recap of what happened? I don’t want to watch Casey

  51. Tell him to go suck a dick for raising the monetization requirements to 1000 subscribers and 6000hrs of viewing per year.  Nice job snatching millions of dollars out of the pockets of smaller content providers

  52. As soon as Kyncl said he’d never made a YouTube video I knew what he’d be all about, and he didn’t disappoint! Casey is not a good interviewer, you can tell he was nervous and a bit afraid to ask some of the “harder” questions, especially the very last one. Plugging the book at the end was lame but was probably the reason Kyncl came at all.

    If someone says no questions are off limits, take em’ at their word and ask the hard questions! If Casey had done that and all of a sudden he starts making less money or YouTube starts finding problems with his content then we know where it’s coming from and it would show YouTube’s true colors. If nothing happens then you’ve got a great video with the SEO answering the tough questions or obviously avoiding them. Either way, it would have been loads better than this video. I hope someone else can get the same opportunity to interview this guy but actually takes advantage of the situation and asks what we’d all like to hear.

  53. The fact that there is no message about when your videos get demonetized is a big issue. People just won’t be alerted and have to keep checking their videos for it.

  54. So basically Casey wants to take away our freedom of speech and what we want and choose to upload…

  55. Nice work Casey, you have the ball rolling don’t let it stop!!

  56. He sounds like a true politician. Talks a lot, but say nothing.

  57. Robert sounds like such a nice guy 🙂 good job bruh, game changer.

  58. I am not a creator on youtube I am an addicted gramma of youtube. and I thank you, Casey, for the interview. I have actually been stressing about what I was going to do if there was no youtube. Like cold sweats and everything.. love your work your awesome Jeri Nengas
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  59. Thank you Casey for making this happen!

  60. This was a good first step a bit vague on details, but youtube execs need to start getting interviewed by people who are willing to ask the hard questions. A lot of people do not trust this platform anymore so its time for youtube to do more of these interviews and answer the tough questions.

  61. The executive staff needs to be “proficient at making a infrastructure all over the world” for youtube. Yet none of them make videos… So its like creating bridges, rails, roads yet not being a commuter at all. Why not have some of the creators be on the board of directors? Diversifying your leadership will only help ease tension/learn each side and have a direct communication path.

  62. Thanks Casey for publishing this video. What did we learn? We learned that creators are at odds with advertisers is YouTubes opinion. At least he admitted that YouTubes response at times was incorrect. It’s a step in the right direction. Maybe YouTube will contact other top creators and answer questions.

  63. Wasted 20 minutes, was so hyped for this…
    Learned nothing new from this.

  64. 12K comments, that wouldn’t even cover most content creators. They only talked to you because you have an online community haha.

  65. As much as i love Casey – This was the so boring

  66. I stoped watching after he sai we want more female creator’s…

  67. Sorry Casey this type of thing on YouTube is nothing special. This type of thing has occurred before on social media. Do you remember Amanda Todd? I don’t think so! This will pass and the public will soon forget about the Logan controversy just like what they did to poor Amanda Todd. Logan was just doing his job as a creator. He just wanted to capitalize on this opportunity since he is an opportunist. He was just after the money. He saw an opportunity and he grabbed it. Everyone is an opportunist Casey,; even you. This is why you are doing this interview. You are doing it for the money. You do not care about this issue; you are just capitalizing on it. And, don’t pretend to care Casey cause if you do then, you are the great pretender. I am not hating on you and I am not trolling your comment section, I am just telling you the truth. Nothing is free and everyone is in it for the money.

  68. What a crock of diplomatic sh*t! This was a friendly chat, not at all tackling a company who should be held accountable for very misjudged actions!!

  69. This man would be an excellent politician. He’s completely mastered the art of talking loud but saying nothing. This was a waste of time.

  70. Clap it up everyone! Thank you Casey!

  71. And the (roaring) mountain just gave birth to a mouse…
    So much pain for advertisers…
    Oh the sorrow… I am crying here!
    19 minutes of almost nothingh…

  72. I think this was a good interview so fare

  73. He told us nothing…


  75. Authentic interview. Nice job.

  76. Should’ve axed him how big his dick is, nothing is off the table they said.

  77. Checked the comment section before watching and can see that it isn’t worth my time watching..

  78. My small channel was basically damaged by the algorithm which flags videos without the creators knowing WHY they are being targetted and WHAT specifically we need to change/address to ensure the video gets through. I delivered Virtual Reality News that was always advertiser friendly and yet EVERY video got demonetized on a daily basis. Being news based the life-cycle of my videos were roughly 24 to 96 hours. A demonetization during that period was a death blow for me so imagine the frustration of having it happen with EVERY video and NOT KNOWING WHY so you can’t ever address it permanently. Every video i ever disputed was always re-instated as fully advertiser friendly so why after two months did the algorithm not learn and stop flagging me? Why was I given NO information?

    Wow Casey…absolutely LOVE your content but you did not ask ANY hard hitting questions that those of us who want to grow on this platform needed answered. VERY disappointed in this video whereas a few days ago I was so happy that we may be getting answers 🙁

  79. so what did I just waste my time on here?

  80. Not a surprise that YouTube doesn’t even use their own platform to address their viewers, whether it be the Logan issue or demonetization. The Google/ Youtube execs live in a vacuum and have proven to be tone deaf. YouTube is no longer the medium it was when it was first created by two friends who just wanted to share videos. It won’t be long till Youtube goes the way of MySpace.

  81. Boring. Too much PC. Hate to say that there is too much academia looking at and managing our crap.

  82. Casey I loved your videos since your bike lanes movie.. but damn bro wtf with your hair color??? Gonna be 100% honest. It is actually making me not watch your videos as often lately. I can’t stand it. Please go back to original hair color.. thanks… Regards, A concerned fan

  83. This interview was really soft. Do I get the sense that Logan Paul’s actions will not be tolerated? No.

  84. This didn’t answer the question we we’re all waiting for and it’s the logan paul bullshit. He basically ruined youtube and they didn’t do anything just cut his ad program but his still in youtube. And you said “ we won’t succeed if you don’t succeed “ so basically since logan has views he can put any law breaking, rule breaking content and youtube would just applaud him cause he just has the views.

  85. Fix Chris Chan’s channel

  86. Great efforts, Casey! Great questions, and even more respect to you for actually acknowledging the problems within the YouTube community. However, I’m torn after clicking off this video (almost early) because I feel that we still didn’t receive many solid answers on most of the questions you asked. The top creators on the platform should come together and voice what they notice that is wrong with the way YouTube handles certain situations. I believe that their lack of communication could be the detriment as well. But if you’re YouTube and you’re not reaching out to your creators to see what can be done better, you’re only cheating yourselves at the end of the day.

    I love this platform and spend upwards of 3 hours on it daily. It’s replaced any and all screen time of any different source for me for the last 6 years. I just hope we can get it together.

  87. You rock Casey

  88. Growing up in a Czechoslovakian home in America I can empathize with his stance. The iron curtain was hell on earth. Great interview!!!

  89. this was a great idea, do more of them.

  90. What happened wi5 Logan Paul since this interview? I apologize if this reveals that I’ve been living under a rock

  91. Really appreciate you doing this Casey! Great stuff! I would love to see more interviews like this! Thanks to Robert as well!

  92. Was waiting for it but good about the disclaimer that it was recorded around 1st feb. Still watching…

  93. Just noticed Casey’s huge ass liquor rack in the back lol. Nice interview btw.

  94. love the question about how the execs are not creators!

  95. He didn’t talk about how youtube demonitizes conservative voices.

  96. “We want more woman creators”

  97. Thank you so much Casey for getting the answers a lot of people been wanting to here.

  98. Thanks Casey! You’re the man

  99. Love the video and the topics talked about here, waited a week for this

  100. CaseyNewsNetwork.

  101. He should’ve just said that YouTube is broken

  102. Props to this guy for coming on… Why do I not buy the “we’re actually on the same side but we have communication problems” line…?

  103. casey i wanna i report.a.spanish channel.that use and youtube never do nothinf about it ???

  104. You don’t want to make a rash decision that affects hundreds of people’s paychecks? That is BS! Your job isn’t to look out for LOGAN PAUL! Your job is to look out for the PLATFORM. LOGAN PAUL made the rash decision that put his and his staff’s paychecks at risk and HE SHOULD have to live withthe consequences. But he doesn’t because Robert cares more about VIEWS than MORALS.

  105. Feels disingenuous. I don’t know if that’s warranted or not, but his answers were too polished and generalized. Actions speak louder than this “PR announcement.” Feels disingenuous. There truly is a tension between youtube and it’s creators, and both parties certainly don’t feel united like Kyncl suggests they are.

  106. This was awesome! 🤗 thanks Casey

  107. As a small channel, I think if you are reading this, you should watch my video. Makes sense

  108. Every thing is still not clear this the same how the chat system works on youtube.
    Still every word is bullshit no clarity at all.

  109. I thought Robert was extremely well spoken. Great interview and very insightful.

  110. I know this isn’t the popular opinion but you had a no limits interview with that dude and you limited it to soft questions with no pushing and to only 20 minutes?? Cmon Casey…


  112. Who went straight to comments? 😂

  113. How can you relate to creators? BLAH BLAH BLAH, I haven’t been a YouTube Creator so, I can’t.

  114. Good questions.
    Bullshit political answers.

  115. a significant milestone along this road.

  116. This was probably the most *needed* YouTube video ever made

  117. The most important question in this video is why YOU LEFT $ 13,238 IN A TAXI !!???

  118. I wonder if Beme is thrilled that Casey kept this interview for himself

  119. Shitty questions with even worse answers!

  120. Weak questions (nonspecific) and weak responses. A waste of time.

  121. I would love to start my own YouTube channel but I don’t know computers well enough to edit a video or even get whatever content I put on a camera onto the computer. I’m disabled and have a very small income so if I could get enough people to watch my videos after learning how to use a computer and then to edit videos after all that if I could make hopefully at least 3000 dollars a month to be able to pay my bills buy food and hopefully one day save enough to buy a house. My medical bills such as prescriptions and getting back and forth to doctors appointments cost about 900-1100 a month and my rent is 600 so that’s 1700 from the 3000 then my bills and food is another 400-450 so that would only leave me 850 at most to save towards getting a house one day.

  122. what about pewdiepie scare season???

  123. Lying bastards! You regularly kick off channels you don’t agree with politically.

  124. “Sort of like the drama you create”Woah shots fired

  125. I have to give props to the guy for agreeing to this interview while most of the other executives ignored the community

  126. Hmm, they didn’t want to be rash because hundreds of people’s livelihoods where at risk.. They shutdown scare pewdiepie though.. just over news articles… Even though season two was already filmed!

  127. Casey is paving his road to become ceo of youtube in near future.

  128. This reminded me of when I meet with my boss to talk about a raise and he just talks in circles around me lol

  129. Thank you Casey. At least now we have better insight to YouTube as a company

  130. THANK YOU CASEY!! Such great questions. MUCH needed answers.

  131. This was really good. I like to see Casey using his influence and dropping knowledge.

  132. I don’t mean to be condescending, however my community has been under constant assault by the censors at YouTube. We’ve been given endless account strikes for 100% family friendly videos. We’ve had several channels banned (later reinstated, however two lost their library of videos) and their only offense was daring to discuss the safe and responsible use of firearms.

    Firearms ownership in our country is Constitutionally protected. We’re not talking about a taboo subject, we’re talking about an American freedom enshrined in the Bill of Rights, yet YouTube regularly forces us to fight to keep our channels. Our reach is squashed, our videos are endlessly flagged as being “not advertiser friendly”, our content creators are hit with ongoing account strikes. So, I take issue with the claim that YouTube supports freedom of speech, freedom of information and freedom of community. That certainly hasn’t been my experience the last 3 years or so.

    I’ve been on YouTube since 2008. I am one of their earliest content creators. 2018 marks the 10th year of being a respected content creator by my audience, yet with each passing year I find those in my community are being targeted and harassed more and more by the censors at YouTube.

    If you truly believe in freedom of speech, please stop your assault on channels that discuss a Constitutionally protected right in a responsible and family friendly way. If what Robert says were true, I wouldn’t have to wake up every morning, log into my YouTube account and reluctantly wait for the pink screen of death saying another account strike has been issued because I discussed the responsible use of firearms.

    Hopefully one day YouTube will truly support freedom of speech. In the early days, they did and they welcomed our community with open arms. Today, not so much.

    Thank you for the interview.

  133. I understand now what I hadn’t about YouTube thank you Casey Neistat helped

  134. You seriously think Logan should be taken off YouTube? He brings people to YouTube…
    I wasn’t really watching youtube till I started watching him…
    I watched you and Jarrod Polin, now and then, but now I come to youtube daily….

  135. He didn’t address anything. Did he? It seemed to me like pre programmed robotic replies as always what YouTube does!

  136. Fantastic all the way around. Tough enough questions asked Casey (and I know on your last video you self-admitted you’re no journalist), but certainly all well set up. I didn’t perceive any of Robert’s responses to be that dodgey, for the most part he tackled them straight on. At the end of the day it was simply refreshing to see real talk. Well done.

  137. I’ve already seen some changes… like in the music category they added some little features which isn’t much but it’s still nice for creators like me

  138. So I’m halfway through this video and I’m already very disappointed in Roberts views. For one people need to quit expecting government YouTube Google whoever to keep us safe keep us from seeing something we don’t want to see hearing sent we don’t want to hear it’s a bunch of BS. And then to hear him say that he wants to see more women on YouTube is a political correctness bologna. Any woman or girl that’s halfway attractive can start a YouTube channel and get a hundred times the subscribers and Views is the average guy they already have an advantage. Let the viewers decide what content is worth time to watch and keep race and gender out of it. If you don’t like something don’t watch it don’t try to control what other people want to watch.

  139. This is just my opinion. All responses are not considered answers for the given questions. Very typical, evading and fishing people/spectators for the real answers we deserve. There’s nothing in there. They still don’t know how to handle the current situation.

  140. He’s not really answering the questions and Casey is not calling him out on it. Disappointing.

  141. In a nutshell… creators: how do I make money when y’all do shit like this?! Youtube: how do I make money when y’all do shit like this!?

  142. Would Rather see PHilly D do this interview

  143. It’s great having someone like you here to broker this response and help us hear it from the horses mouth. You are like my local congressman lol love you Casey!

  144. Thanks for this Casey! Great interview however we need to dig deeper into some of those questions.

  145. Spot on. Balancing the needs and desires of advertisers and creators (both of whom make YouTube possible) is a monumentally difficult task for anyone. And they won’t always get it “right” bc a) YouTube is run by humans, and b) it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time. This was a very accurate response; hopefully, people are willing to hear it.

  146. This is really nice Casey your great dealing with YouTube shit and drama your so grateful for what you can get and do

  147. Almost 9 million subscribers!!!!

  148. well the 1.000 sub count seems impossible for now and making some decent money on youtube like a dream 🙂

  149. Great interview. Terrific questions and answers. 😃

  150. We need someone who watches this stuff, and reports topics/news objectively. We have enough YouTubers that present stuff subjectively.
    If Casey is the guy who does that, I’m all up for it.

  151. The piece of this nobody is talking about is the Twitter outrage Army. If people on Twitter were not attacking every slight misstep companies make theywould probably be more willing to take risk.

  152. YouTube care about big YouTubers that make them millions. Not small YouTubers like me that just want to entertain others

  153. This video was extremely boring. “Uneasy” questions my ass. Soft questions and just boring, expected replies, not answers. And saying you want more female creators? There are.. This guy said he’s never made a YouTube video, most likely doesn’t every watch it, just sees dollar signs. What a bunch of sjw pandering bullshit.

  154. I think it is awesome you are standing in the gap for the community and the growing platform as several people look to it and share from it… this is a honest and respectable way to get some answers. Thank you for being so open and real about the issues and I think YouTube should share with more people from the platform. Amazing work like always dude 👍🏽

  155. You know its going to be serious when casey doesnt have his glasses on


  157. So many problems with YouTube, demonetization being one of them. One YouTuber named Chris Chann was recently demonetized for no reason and if he doesn’t get kinetized again he’s going to quit YouTube.

  158. Wonderful initiative.👌👌

  159. Češi jsou všude 😀

  160. Good effort Casey,

    No real answers to any of the questions though.

    All I got out of it is;

    Youtube is doing things, the right things. These things will make you feel safe doing Youtube and keep advertisers happy.

    Also pushing the content creators we “think” should be popular. That’s not really a good thing either.

  161. Great work Casey! Love this.

  162. Amazing he agreed to be interviewed

  163. “We need more female creators”
    What he’s really saying is “We will artificially promote female creators at the expense of male creators even if they are more worthy”

  164. Thanks for doing this, Casey!

  165. Casey could have made more out of this oppurtunity

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