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releases his music video for ‘Change’



Howie Combrink


Today sees the official release of the music video for Howie Combrink’s current hit single “Change”!


Filmed in the heart of the Maboneng Precinct in Joburg, “Change” is one of the first Music Videos to be filmed in one take in SA. It sounds easy, but it makes for one of the most complex shoots as Witch & Wizards Production had no room for mistakes to film the entire video in one slick take. With so many elements that could go wrong with the video shoot to capture that one perfect take, Combrink had to perform his song flawlessly, the extras had to act their part and move in exactly as required, and the camera crew had to capture the entire shoot perfectly as they travel through the streets.


It all came together as it should and RADA and Howie Combrink are very proud of the final product for the “Change” music video.


Music Video link for “Change”:


“Change” is the second single from Combrink’s debut album “Eat It While It’s Hot”, which was released at the end of November through Sheer Sound, and was released as a single in late 2014. “Change” has been playlisted on some of the biggest local radio stations such as Highveld, Jacaranda, East Coast Radio, OFM (peaked at #3 on the Top 10), Algoa FM, KFM, Radiowave Namibia and RSG. The release of the single also announced the tie-in with RADAwho have been an incredible partner in the making of the video.


“Working with RADA and Witch & Wizards on this video was amazing. The concept was created and on the morning of the shoot we still weren’t sure it was going to work. But thanks to an extremely passionate crew and director the video turned out better than I expected. RADA and Witch & Wizards were extremely passionate about achieving the perfect visual content to accompany the lyrical content of the song and that they did. The songs lyrical content speaks for itself ‘we gotta change the world today’ and the video showcases many different types of people joining forces dancing through the streets of Johannesburg. This is exactly what the story is about. Time is not on our side and so we should all stand together and love and respect each other to the point where we can roam proudly through the streets of our day to day towns/cities with big smiles on our faces. The world can be a happy place so we hope to encourage that with this new music video.” comments Combrink.


RADA is an acronym for Rape, Alcohol, Drug and Abuse-renewal from addiction and abuse, and aims to fight crime by taking action against some of the key contributing factors towards crime. Using a unique approach, RADA’s vision is to create a number of comprehensive renewal centres in South Africa, and ultimately around the world, that will focus on holistic, proactive and reactive aspects of treating victims of rape and abuse.


RADA addresses issues proactively by partnering with organisations that focus on educational programmes aimed at the emotional and social well-being of children. RADA employs effective and empowering methods for renewal and is guided by a business model that is innovative, appealing and sustainable. RADA is a registered not-for-profit organisation, run as a business by an experienced management team who adhere to the principles of good corporate governance.


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