1. Condition more eagerly

Many men skip conditioner, and that is a big mistake! According to barbers NYC, nourishing and moisturizing properties of this product will impart your beard with strength and health. Moreover, regular conditioning makes facial hair much softer and easier to keep it under control.


  1. Purchase right products

Good choices at stores can make a big difference when it comes to dry and coarse beard. There are certain products you should strongly avoid like alcohol-based products because they aggravate the problem of dryness. Give preference to beard oil or leave-in conditioner, which will make your facial hair more obedient and moisturized.


  1. Shampoo less frequently

How often do you shampoo your beard? If the answer is “every day”, then stop doing it immediately! According to barbers NYC, excessive shampooing is one of the most common mistakes among men. Desire to keep your beard clean is understandable, but too much washing does only harm.


  1. Provide with moisture

Extra hydration is the most effective remedy against dryness. You should do everything possible to restore a proper moisture balance of your facial hair because it makes your beard  feel healthier! Moisturized beard starts with a hydrated body, so drink enough water. Moreover, barbers NYC strongly recommend you to use products with moisturizing properties.


  1. Wash in lukewarm water

Extremely hot water is another common cause of dehydrated and coarse beard. Excessive heat deprives your facial hair of essential moisture and natural oils, thus causing problems. Start washing in lukewarm water, and you’ll notice the difference right away!


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