Sometimes shit happens. You come to your favourite barber, solicitous to change your haircut, but something goes wrong and mildly speaking results don’t impress you. What should you in this case? Read below.

  1. Calm yourself down

When you look in the mirror and realise that you hate your new haircut, just calm down. Everything is done, and there is no need to yell at your barber or start freaking out. It isn’t the end of the world because your hair will eventually grow back. Now you should put your emotions aside and plan how to deal with the situation.

  1. Ask for an immediate fix

You can start acting while you’re still at Barber Shop. Once you realise that this is not what you wanted, ask your barber for an immediate fix. Any barber will be happy to fix mistakes and make a client happy, if you politely explain what is wrong. Do not be afraid to speak up because the fate of your hair is at stake!

  1. Go for a shorter style

Another way out from this situation is a shorter hairstyle. At any Midtown Barber Shop, you can get a simple short haircut, so there shouldn’t be any unexpected surprises this time; moreover, you’ve probably always wanted to try this style but never had enough courage or proper mood. Well, this is your chance to embody this idea!

  1. Hide mess under a hat

There are also some radical ways of fixing a horrible haircut. You can always hide it under a hat, so no one can see this mess on your head; moreover, this is a great accessory for enhancing your look and bringing something different to your overall style.

  1. Enhance what you have

You can try to make this haircut work. Ask your hairstylist to show possible ways of styling. We’re sure there are many options to make it look good on you.

  1. Give this cut a chance

Take a deep breath and look in the mirror again – does it really look that bad? Sometimes we tend to exaggerate. Maybe it’s not what you wanted, but you can give it a chance!

So, don’t be upset, it’s just a haircut.

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