Nowadays, lots of men have tresses and that’s really very cool because long hair looks so unique and extraordinary. Let’s check simple tips from the top stylist at the best barber shop NYC, how to care for long tresses in a very simple ways.

#1 All you need is cut

You should totally understand that cutting is the best and the only way to prevent split ends, dude! We know that a visit to a hairdresser is a huge stress, but you need to cut your ends at least once per 3 months. All those commercial hair care products for preventing split ends which we see in ads every day are only a gimmick to make us buy those stupid products! Be a real man and cut your locks regularly!

#2 Moisturizing

“Only women apply hair masks and blah blah blah’’ – a phrase of every man. There isn’t a magic stick which can make your hair supple and radiant, but the mask can! Combine a little amount of coconut oil with a castor oil, and rub the mixture on your scalp and on your hair length, wait for approximately 1 hour and wash it out. Repeat the procedure twice a week while nobody sees it, and the result will astonish you. Coconut oil will provide your head with a total moisturizing and a castor oil will prevent hair thinning and breakage, and brittle locks as well.

#3 Prevent over dryness

The main problem of our hair is over dryness. To avoid it, you can simply discard a hair dryer and reduce the shampooing to 2 times per week. Your tresses will say thank you and after the 1st week, they won’t look dirty and greasy as well. Locks will look like in the best ads: so supple and manageable, everyone would like to touch them.

#4 Vitamins

Nutrition is the best way to make your tresses healthy from the inside. All you need is just to eat more products with vitamins A and E: avocados, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and flax seeds.

#5 Avoid Smoking

Stop smoking! We hope that you know that it can be a cause of cancer, it provokes the hair loss as well. Go to the gym instead of smoking.

Take care for your hair gently.


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