How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

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How It Should Have Ended

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  1. 3.10 so funny 😂😂😂

  2. Anyone catch “Not Penny’s boat” scrawled on Lea’s hand? Lost reference?

  3. “Finn and who?”

    That perfectly sums up Rose’s character…

  4. rian johnson eat your heart out… now that would’ve been a great ending

  5. This video need more ben swoolo

  6. What did you think, that I was going to take on the First Order with nothing but a lightsaber ?
    …Three hours later…

  7. I know this video was just a joke. But that is actually how it should have went. Im not even kidding when i say that would have been way better than the POS TLJ was. Great video.

  8. All those things that bothered me in the movie, got mentioned here. Great job, again!!

  9. Holdo deserves to hyperspace kamikaze into a planet

  10. Now that’s how the movie should have went. Lea should have died when the bridge blew up. Admiral Ackbar should have survived. Fin should have sacrificed himself for his friends. All the SJW scenes should have been done away with. I love the grandpa scenes. I actually LOL on that one.

    Too bad Rey is too perfect. Mary Sue

  11. This Is Awesome!
    Or a trap.
    Or both.

  12. It’s…. A….. TRAAAAAAP!

  13. I like the laughing yoda 😀

  14. the freezed lasers in mid air look like they used the stasys from zelda breath of the wild. C’mon I’m not the only who notice that😂

  15. That actually wouldve been pretty good.

  16. this movie is too easy to make fun of

  17. This video is better than the movie 😂😂

  18. When they said land in the long grass I was waiting for the Velociraptors

  19. *_Better than the movie…_*

  20. I cried so many times….thank god for HISHE

  21. You had me at Its a Trap.

  22. LOL. 10x better than the original.

  23. lets just make this cannon and roll with it.

  24. You are making me loath Holdo more than I already did.

  25. Ok, yeah, that finale would have been AMAZING

  26. It’s a trapppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 ha

  27. luke’s scene was more awesome than the actual movie

  28. THANK YOU FOR THIS!! This is by far the WORST Star Wars movie! It was even worse than the last one!

    Still a Star Wars movie.

  29. All i wanted from this movie was to see how powerful Jedi master Luke was. It’s all I’ve wanted for like 20 years.

  30. “It’s a trap!” had me in tears, laughing. Bloody perfect.

  31. Lol. This was really good.

  32. Thank you for recognizing that Ackbar totally would’ve taken over command! 😀 And the alt ending is absolutely great! Golfing w/ light sabers and lasers is epic.

  33. Where’s JUSTICE LEAGUE

  34. That final scene was actually cooler than any scene in the actual movie

  35. Now THIS is the way it should have ended.

  36. Do you know what this is!?

  37. The problem for this video is that they miss understood obi-wan. he wouldn’t know Rey in the first place?

    If Rey’s parents are obi-wan’s children wouldn’t he made them not nobody’s?

    I think Rey being a grand child to obi-wan wouldn’t make ANY sense at all tho?

    And how would Plagueis be alive? the prequels are past to the originals, he would be old as balls if he didn’t die from Palpatine or who ever else from his sleep?

    I think they could say that snoke is the great great child to plagueis?

    but who knows?….

  38. I absolutely agree…except for the reveal about Rey’s backstory. I think having her be tied to an existing character, especially one as significant as Obi-Wan, would have been a pretty cheap gimmick. We’ve already got two young force-users defined by their family history. We don’t need another one.

  39. Did no one else catch the Lost reference? No? I’m depressed

  40. porg eat porg!?!

  41. Lmao it’s a…its a…. IT’S A TRAPP

  42. better with subtitles

  43. Lets make a original commet, shall we?
    “It was so much better than the movie!!!!”

  44. Because you take down his video I’m on Aaron rents video are you ever did know it’s funny to me none of it

  45. That was phenomenal… I’d pay to watch this instead of that awful film we got

  46. The stuff with ackbar should be canon


  48. This video has no business being this epic

  49. The Porgs are my favorite.

  50. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS??? It’s a TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! I cried from laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. Again showing how random people on the Internets can produce better stories than people who get paid millions of dollars to randomly crank out scripts in Hollywood. 🙂

    They should just do all future “Star Wars” with that kind of animation and save A LOT of money!

  52. I laughed so hard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. This has got to be their best HISHE yet

  54. i bet people expected reylo,but personally obi wan kenobi is my favourite character of all time so if this was true i’d be pumped.

  55. All the above info is canon

  56. Oh God!!!
    I laughed so hard!!!!
    You made my day!!!

  57. Is no one going to mention that LOST reference?

  58. This is pure pain for my hearth.

  59. Better than E.T better than Gremlins. I’ll see it again and again.

  60. You guys rock! Love this better than the movie. Not sure but can you guys do an older movie like Jaws???

  61. Please do all Game of Thrones seasons and Pirates of the Carribean!

  62. I can’t believe that Rey wasn’t related to someone in this movie and that they didn’t give like his due, too busy pushing diversity that didn’t need to be there

  63. better than the freaking movie gd

  64. But then there would be no episode IX

  65. This would have been SUCH a better movie! (Ps: I liked the film)

  66. why is this so mutch better then the film? xD

  67. This is video is real starwars canon ..that terrible movie wasnt

  68. Romanian sub pls

  69. “Finn and who?” – Leia

  70. It’s amazing how the last 30 seconds of this video would’ve save so much time

  71. I have to say this is your best work. I couldnt stop laughing from Start to Finish.

  72. Maybe it was because some of the scene kinda mindfucked me but I still sometimes confuse the name of Rose and Holdo. Doesn’t help that Holdo had pink hair…

  73. Super cool ending, the movie sucks

  74. Far superior ending in every way… How, oh HOW, could they fail so miserably…

  75. Also porgs are cannibals ….

  76. (mark hamlil age 66) luke = papltine confrirmed

  77. Rey is a Kenobi, I KNEW IT

  78. This is the new cannon, reject the old!

  79. Yep better all around

  80. Add darth vader to the villain pub please!

  81. This all is canon now

  82. That was actually better than the movie

  83. I was hoping Yondu popped up beside Leia and did his: “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”

  84. If you would have preferred this version, I see why you did not like tlj.

  85. Far more better than the original and far more repesctfull of the SW Universe

  86. Where is thanos I mean reys lightsaber could be powered by a infinity stone

  87. Needs more Batman

  88. But, but, but…I thought only a very, very, very small and vocal minority of people disliked this movie…like 12 people, maybe at most. That’s what HuffPost told me, anyway. Must be bots that are causing this video to get so many views.

  89. Omg this is actually so much better lmao

  90. Soo petition Disney to remake? Make Hishe work on third film?

  91. I enjoyed the movie for what it was, but this HESHE episode was one of the best I’ve seen and I honestly liked the plot choices for many of these a lot more than the ones in TLJ. Bravo, guys, you’ve outdone yourselves. I’ve been watching for years and this really does stand out as the best episode you’ve done.

  92. In many ways a superior film

  93. What about when Rose and Finn were being executed? Instead of using laser axes they should have used blasters and they would be dead.

  94. Carl was a smart man.

  95. 10 times better plus made more sense.

  96. “Shut up Carl! Nobody asked you!”

  97. Legitimately better than the actual film

  98. You had a chance Johnson. You had a chance to make a freaking meme with an alien fish-man yelling “It’s a trap!” into one of the most badass lines in cinematic history, and you blew it.

  99. That’s was actually way batter! If only they could switch it up, although Liea should have just died.

  100. Do justice league

  101. It’s a trrrrraaaaaaaaaaap!

  102. This is the most well thought out and entertaining HISHE in a long time. And I mean a loooooong time. Good job

  103. IT’S. A. TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. You have created a genuinely better movie. Congratulations! You should honestly direct episode 9

  105. A little privacy please

  106. This video made me truly realize how incompetent Rian Johnson really is at storytelling. I saw Last Jedi once, it’ll be a year or two before I want to watch it again. That’s only after there’s nothing to watch.

  107. Imagine all that without the satire. A million times better than what we got. Thanks HISHE🤙🏽

  108. I wanted to see how you would fix the issue about actually getting the Master Codebreaker instead of trusting some criminal hacker who happened to be in the cell next to them, which wouldn’t have happened here because the alien wouldn’t have reported them.

  109. Thank you HISHE, this is honestly better than the actual movie. I thank you again for this, it has been the only thing that has made me smile about The Last Jedi.

  110. Darth Plagueis is to awesome to be Snoke. Otherwise… really liked this one.

  111. This was perfect thank you hishe for some real Canon!


  113. Admiral acbar should have gotten some recognition

  114. Better then the movie

  115. Damn I’m glad it didn’t end like this. So much egregious fan-service

  116. Why is this actually better than the movie we got?

  117. The 1k dislikes is KK on different accounts

  118. I liked that ending better

  119. The laser baseball scene actually would’ve been amazing.

  120. Should have had the porg get lasered

  121. i loved this ending

  122. Im still really salty that rey isnt a kenobi


  124. Better ending than the actual movie (I wish I was kidding)

  125. best one yet great job

  126. Pure gold. So many plot holes xD

  127. Can you do how star wars rebels should have ended season 1

  128. When I actually pay money to see this

  129. And she’s the empires grandchild! Sith blood!

  130. Better than the movie…

  131. ITS … A … TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. The Last Jedi should not have even happened…

  133. The video itself is quite funny but the real joke is the amount of people taking hishe seriously and thinking these are actual critiques or “improvements” to the movie.

  134. Hmhmhmhmhm!

  135. omg yoda’s laugh at the end got me!

  136. Now my life is complete. ‘Nough said.

  137. Instead of “How It Should Have Ended” this is more like “How People Expected It To End”


  139. This right here is canon.

  140. This worked because it positively showed what could have been; not the whiney fangirls/boys b*tching and screaming about how Star Wars is “RUINED!” while beating their chests in hyperbolic anger. As cool as this was; LJ had the intention of subverting expectations, deconstructing tropes and being the dire middle flim like Empire. While imperfect, it is not bad. Everyone needs to chill. I would have preferred Akbar doing the “It’s a Trap!” though.

  141. Well let‘s hope for the best in the next movie :/

  142. I loved this more than the original movie

  143. That’s it you’re writing for the next star wars movie.

  144. Its a trraaaaaaaaap lol

  145. this is way better than the movie, specially the idea of Gral. Akbar taking over

  146. I cried a bit inside since this *IS* how it should of ended… *sobs*

  147. I wish admiral ackbar didn’t die

  148. Already 10x better than the film

  149. Even I like The Last Jedi, this version is better.

  150. oh my god Justice for Ackbar

  151. Omg yes admiral Akbar should’ve been put second in command instead of that lady

  152. All of this was a thousand times better than the actual movie.

  153. Yeah.. and so no need for episode 9 then..? If the movie Ended with luke and rey playing tennis like that i would have left the theater. “Pure gold”

  154. This has to be one of the best hishe’s

  155. Hahahaha Klato Ren XD.
    Nie wiem kto robił napisy, ale propsy dla niego.

  156. That is what should’ve happend to admiral ackbar

  157. This is so much better than the actual movie was. Those people responsible for SW Episode 8 deserve to be spaced.

  158. More like ‘How Star Wars The Last Jedi Might Have Been If It Was Written By Competent Writers’.

  159. This is very satisfying

  160. This is actually how they should have made it especially that last part, perfection

  161. Okay, that Rey & Luke ending would’ve been so much better than the movie version. Canonically, it would’ve made sense too (not that the movie version didn’t).

  162. This is the funniest HISHE ever!


  164. The Finn and Rose parts, man. “We should kiss,”

  165. This is exactly what I wanted to see in a screen! lol

  166. This ending would have been so much better

  167. Ackbar: We actually have a plan to survive
    Poe: OH! thank god!
    Admiral Gender Studies: *glares*


  168. you know that had finn crashed into the cannon nothing would have happened. the ski speeders were too weak to do any actual damage and the cannon would have disintegrated finn and the speeder before he made it to the core

  169. This made me so freaking happy!!!!!!!!!!

  170. This was great on so many levels…

  171. I loved every second of this video

  172. Something was written on leias hand when it was on the glass in the door

  173. what out they are gonna call you misogynist because you are making a better sw version xD

  174. holdo shouldve been replaced by ackbar 100% i actually agree on that so much

  175. If I’m lying may yoda strike me down

  176. This was really better than the movie

  177. That standoff/frozen blast beam would have been awesome. Wouldn’t put if past JJ to rip it off.

  178. Deeply dissapointed that a shot of Lando riding The Milleniun Falcon along Chewbacca and Rey, during the battle of kryat was not included.

  179. holdo had a halo lol

  180. Lol, this was perfect! XD

  181. That would have been epic too!

  182. So much better

  183. Still a better love story than twilight

  184. This should be canon!!!

  185. I give it 9.5/10 with a 100 meta review score

  186. The idea of Luke stopping the lasers in midair is actually brilliant. The master stops his old apprentice by showing how it’s really done. Great video HISHE!

  187. Funny, not the funniest HISHE but cool.

    Actually, everyone who want this as the real movie just love too much fan service. It would have been a total mess and it would’ve ruined Rey’s character and Luke’s.
    Gosh, fortunately the movie is still good and not infected by fan service.
    (btw i agree with the finn/rose moment, wtf how can they return all the way back safely ??? it’s like 2kms !!! but what she says is heavy meaning, it’s what luke did with vader in episode 6, he won by saving what he loves instead of destroying what he hates, but…. rose… this wasn’t the moment to say that or to act like this…. i like Finn’s character but it would’ve been a heroic death and an achievement for him, began as a coward, died as a heroe )

  188. other than the ending this video was beautiful.

  189. Wow, thats a shame that this skit was better than the movie and made more logical sense. Star Wars is dead dude. As long as Kathleen Kennedy is in control its dead.

  190. I loved this so much. 😂 When anakin popped up I lost it!

  191. This is everything I hoped for and more from this Hishe. Keep up the great work guys!

  192. Este vídeo me hace odiar aun más a Rian Johnson.

  193. This would’ve been a better movie

  194. Yeay you fixed the movie

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  196. Fin and who 😂

  197. The first HISHE that genuinely would have made a better movie.

  198. Such a good movie it’d have been with you guys!!!!

  199. 10/10 would watch this over the actual movie.

  200. She’s a Skywalker

  201. Yes this should have been the actual movie………

  202. Tha would truly be the best end ever!

  203. They should really do how the star wars sequels shouldnt have began

  204. The Star Wars cast should react to this video

  205. I enjoyed this one more than the movie…

  206. Y’know …..YOUR ending (Luke & Rey vs the At-At’s) actually WORKS!! That would have been a much better conclusion!

  207. He’s Darth Plaqueis Y’alll!!!!!!

  208. They should’ve hired you for the writing of this movie, because the story of the movie was quite bad

  209. that ending was better than the actual movie!!!


  211. IT’S A TRAP!!!!!

  212. This is amazingly better than the actual movie

  213. This is why I love HISHE, all the painfully obvious flaws are exposed… any one of these endings would have been far better than what we got.

  214. I love it whenever y’all include the “I have a son!” joke! 😍🤣👏🏽💜

  215. this was a much better ending

  216. Awww dudes.. xD your climax was so much better…<3

  217. Love it!! 😂😂😂

  218. Thank you for all that stuff with Rose because she honestly had no reason to be in the movie

  219. Yess chewie eats the porg and Obi-Wan wan is Rey’s father perfect

  220. This is better than the actual movie

  221. Better than the actual film

  222. Lucasfilms take notes

  223. 7 minutes of a better common sense than the last jedi

  224. When HISHE writes a better script for SWTLJ than what Disney did lol

  225. Ugh, Ackbar taking over makes so much more sense. Why was that not what happened?

  226. Uhh… I’m just gonna consider this canon from now on. Much better.

  227. Hey did you hear. IM A GRANDFATHER

  228. I could not stop laughing at “Not Penny’s Boat” on Leia’s hand at the beginning. This one started out perfectly!

  229. This is a masterpiece.

    Except the “Rey is Obi-Wan’s granddaughter” jank.

  230. I love the backgrounds in this! You guys really did an awesome job on this one!

  231. Yep, the ackbar suicide. I was fine with all deaths, BUT ACKBARS. HE SHOULD HAVE GONE OUT LIKE THAT

  232. Awesome, and so much better than the actual movie!!

  233. Ha ha ha! I agree with every scenario!!!

  234. I donno about the rest, but Ackbar would have been definitely better. And if they wanted a new female character to sacrifice herself to save the rebellion it could have been Rose destroying mini death star instead.

  235. I like this version better

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