Experiencing some difficulties in expressing your unique personality? Barber shop midtown professionals are here to help you.  Right, beautiful facial hair will help you to solve this situation. It is not necessarily has to be some weird, incomprehensive beard, it just has to contain your own elements and fit your face shape. Of course, there are a huge amount of different guides on how to grow out long and thick beard, but we are all different, and tips should be different too. It is time to define your face shape and explore your own advantages in order to highlight them with the help of your beard.


Oval face

Guys with oval face shape have just won a jackpot. It considers to be the most versatile and experiment open form of all existed ones. If your cheekbones and jawbones have almost similar width and your chin is vertically symmetrical to your forehead – congratulations, you are a happy owner of oval face shape. You can go for any beard you like, but horseshoe is our advice for you. David Beckham proves us it is true!


Round face

This form has less opportunities in choosing a perfect beard, but you still can look stunning with facial hair. Wide cheekbones and jawbones, set lower than your mouth and small chin – here are distinctive features of round faces. It is important to accentuate everybody’s attention on lower part of your face, so goatee and Van Dyke beard variants are meant for you.

Triangular face

For guys with triangular face balance is a key term to follow. Thin, elongated chin should be covered with thick, long beard in order to counterbalance your upper part. People with such face usually have narrow cheekbones and high (in comparison to mouth) jawline. Long full beard or  perma 5 o’clock shadow is meant for you. Tom Hardy is a wonderful example of well-shaped facial hair of that type.


Have you found your shape? Now, it is time hit the aim and start to create your new, stylish look. Have an appointment with your barber, explain him what you want so you can start to work on your future image.