#DKEXP, #EuphoriaSA, #PTA

#DKEXP, #EuphoriaSA, #PTA


It was sometime in September that I got wind that Euphoria Music Festival, an American based company was coming to SA and I made a point to contact them and apply to be their official photographer and to assist in the promoting of the event.

I was contacted back a week or so later and had some good conversations with the guys in the USA and so I was to begin promoting the events as well as I was Accredited to shoot both events. They were scheduled to be on the 1st November at Huddle Park and 21st November at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens.

Unfortunately a week before the JHB leg of the event they had to cancel and look for another venue, which they found and rescheduled the JHB event for the 20th November at The Good Luck Bar out in Newtown. Now some of you may know that venue as 1 Fox the Sheds. It’s a really cool urban venue and I was their a month or two back for the Launch of the new Lunch Bar TV Commercial see here. It was a more intimate type event or club event if you will and not to be an open air event like it wanted on the 1st November which worked to their advantage because it rained and it rained hard. The only downfall about the JHB leg of Euphoria Music Festival was that the venue has a tin roof and along with the loud music, thumping bass and rain felt and sounded like massive balls of hail were hitting the roof giving off quite a loud noise. The line up was awesome and saw the likes of Matthew Mole, Euphonik, Pop Art Live, Chunda Munki, Felix Laband and Kyle Watson who all entertained the crowd and made the evening worth while attending.

The excitement had reached boiling point for me as it was now Saturday afternoon and I picked up a mate and we drove from JHB to the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. We unfortunately missed the opening set of Chunda Munki whom we had seen the previous evening so we didn’t miss much. Desmond and the Tutus were on stage when we arrived and they seemed to draw the crowd closer to the stage where they sung their popular hits, interacted with the crowd getting them to sing along, wave hands in the air and so on.

Then Matthew Mole come onto stage and did his thing that he has done so well and he is truly an amazing solo artist especially because he gets all the women to go wild, scream and shout his name and sing along with him to his songs.

Once he was finished the excellent band Beatenberg came onto stage and performed all their hits, really starting to get the crowd into the more dance mood and feel for the event as the sun started to set behind them.


The stage was excellently situated where the sun was setting behind it giving off a beautiful background. Then as the sun had finally set and the stars began to show the stage and event was set a light by the Underground Duo called Pop Art Live who we had seen the previous evening and they too know how to get a party started with their original underground sounds and charismatic stage presence. They then made way for the awesome tunes of DJ VIMO. He played some old school tunes that got everyone dancing, even those who were sitting and eating or standing at the bar drinking to move their feet and bodies.

The stage Lighting started to shine bright colours and the visuals on the screen behind him displayed some rather funky designs as Vimo made way for Euphonik and then DJ Fresh. Now both of these DJ’s are Legends in their own way because they kept the party going until close with their selection of deep, funky, electric house tunes and Euphonik even played his brand new track that he collaborated on with MiCasa and wow it is a Banger of a tune. The crowd danced their asses off and from what I could tell everyone had a blast of a time.

It was a fabulous mix of music genres like your house music, indie rock, indie pop and more that really makes for an entertaining event because it appeals to a vast number of people and not just to select few. The venue layout from the food stalls all the way to the VIP tent was well planned as it made walking from one to the other really easy and accessible.

I look forward to what the guys over in the USA have lineup up for us in 2016 as I’m almost certain they will be including an International Act or two, and the real question that will be on everyone’s minds is WHO?

So If you were at the event we would love to hear from you, just add your comments below with your thoughts of the event Good or Bad we wanna know?

All Expressions Frozen in Time & Space by Time Traveller Dale Kopping using a Nikon D3200 with 16-300mm Tamron Lens, no Flash.

F-Stop  f/4,  Exposure Time 1/40 sec, ISO – 6400, Aperture 4.

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