Crowd Shot - Eminem - Rapture2014

Crowd Shot – Eminem – Rapture2014

OK so for those of you who don’t know, #DKEXP was accredited as “Media” to provide photography at the Eminem #Rapture2014 Concert, However we as the “Media” were only allowed to photograph the Support Acts, those being Jack Parow & Action Bronson as we were told that #Eminem is always accompanied by his own tour photographer.

The event was cool don’t get me wrong but it would have been even more of an Honour if we the “Media” got the opportunity to shoot some pictures of Eminem especially on his first ever visit to our shores on his Rapture 2014 South Africa Tour. So unfortunately anyone wanting to view pictures of Eminem will have to wait until his management releases them to the PRESS.

Now I think it’s time for my REVIEW on EMINEM RAPETURE2014.

Let me start by saying that us South Africans have waited for 15 years to see EMINEM perform live in our own backyard, when we have had Artists such as Snoop Dogg, Naughty By Nature, 50 CENT all perform in SA where sound quality was fantastic and in my opinion the only thing that saved the show was EMINEM stage performance as I thought it was excellent. That being said… it was truly amazing to see how many fans Eminem actually has and that these fans stood in the blistering rain, in long tiresome queues to get into the stadium and then again when inside the Stadium trying to get food, drinks or even Eminem Official Merchandise.

I missioned  around the whole of Ellis Park looking for an ATM and in the end I only found 1, now how can you only have 1 ATM in the Stadium to accommodate 60 000 people, Yes 60 000 people (that’s more people than the 1995 World Cup Winning Game) came to see the #RAPGOD, that I actually did not buy anything because I would have landed up standing in line all night to draw cash. Thank G-d for a friend who was there as he bought us a round of drinks and we were lucky because the moment Eminem came on stage we ran up to the Bar area knowing that now we will be served quickly as everyone is down on the field or in their seats now watching the show, but all the BARS were closing or closed and one sweet lady eventually helped us.

Once we had our drinks we made our way back to the Golden Circle which I must say was pretty Awesome because there was plenty of space to walk around, dance, jump, bounce and even sit and Golden Circle was very full. We landed up standing next to really cool people and the entire VIBE was outstanding.

What I was really disappointed with was the Quality of the Sound. There was way too much BASS and not enough Vocal volume through the mic of Eminem’s voice, so half the time you never heard him actually singing whilst the backup singers you could hear perfectly every time. Now this started to make me wonder if EMINEM was in fact singing or pulling a “Rihanna” stunt on us and Lip Syncing, Either way the Sound Setup was SH1T and could have been ten times better (Remember these are all my own opinions).The actual Stage and Lighting I must say now, That was done exceptionally well, with 2 Massive screens on either side so no matter where you were in the stadium you still got to see the performance. Then in the middle of the stage there were also screens showing different visuals throughout the show which were totally AWESOME especially the visuals of SA that were used, I’m not sure how many other people noticed the visuals but nonetheless still Awesome.

Fan Shot - Eminem - Rapture2014 - Taken by Dale Kopping

Fan Shot – Eminem – Rapture2014 – Taken by Dale Kopping

It was fantastic to see our Rainbow Nation out in full force as the CROWD was completely mixed from all Colours to Creeds. The Crowd was a complete mixture of people from Old to young and I mean young, and that somehow made the Atmosphere unbelievable, really an enjoyable Concert (Once again my opinion).

Hey, what I didn’t think was cool and I’m sure I was not the only person to kinda see under age kids drinking or rather they looked under age to me, who should never have been allowed in the first place and the security should have been on top of this but seemed they were not, well that I could see but that didn’t interfere with how much of a good time I had just being able to See & Hear EMINEM, SLIM SHADY, MARSHALL MATHERS!

So until the next time EMINEM is in SA, I give this show 7.5 out of 10.

Thank You Showtime Management, Dainty Group, Primedia and all the other partners involved in bringing EMINEM to SA.


Written by Dale Kopping  


Gear used

(NIKON DF with 70200mm & 18300mm Lens)

Photography Equipment Sponsored by NIKON