Finding ourselves rather excited to catch what looked to be one of the more exciting line-ups that we’ve seen this year, it was with guarded enthusiasm we went to Electroscape.

Mi-house seemed a fitting choice for venue as it’s brought us many a fine night out on the tiles.. We made ourselves as incognito as possible while we waited for our party cohorts who were in turn as late as the first artist we were expecting to see on the line-up. Crowd was filling up quite nicely but as per usual seemed particularly young(i may need to start getting with the fact that I am in fact kak old and will always find the crowd to be a ‘little young’). Hat’s off to the crowd themselves to. Very jovial and friendly all round.

The evening officially kicked off with a rather entertaining interview with the very funny and amiable Blitzkrieg(interview to follow). He was taken aback somewhat by it, but laughs all round were had. After intervening on what looked like some weird little lighties about to start fidgeting, Yes, a hero’s work is never done! Taking in the ever increasing excitement of the attending crowd we repeatedly took to the floor with obligatory outside breaks with our party crew. Before we knew it an evening of note was in full swing. We made our rounds catching photos with patrons all in various states of party and playing catch up with Benson and others while being treated to raucous sets from Biltzkrieg, I AM NOISE, Twelv & Thesis, HAEZER and a set from Belzebass that was “An orgasmic aural assault from the bowels of the earth!!!” according to a particularly delighted patron.

The evening and show all in all despite various snafus ranging from tardiness on behalf of various people, lighting that could have done more and a rather disappointing turnout for what was a night to definitely be remembered! Electroscape certainly know how to choose a line-up and bring the party. I look VERY forward to more of what they have to offer. To those of you who missed out on this one, best you bring yourself, your mates and your A game for a night of mirth and exceptional performances from Djs who don’t get to play often enough.