High level of hair manipulation puts you at risk of overprocessing your locks. Since this process is irreversible, we’ve prepared effective ways to stay away from the terrible damage:

  1. Strengthen and protect

If you constantly treat your hair with chemicals, then it’s crucial to keep it strong and tough. Experts at Best Salon NYC recommend starting with a thorough thermal protection when using heat tools. You should also make deep conditioning and protein treatments part of your regular hair maintenance.

  1. Avoid overloading your hair

You should strive for balance if you expose your locks to different treatments. Choose one process at a time to prevent your hair from being overloaded because there is a vague line you shouldn’t cross. Wait at least two weeks after the application of relaxer before adding some color to your tresses. Your hair should rest between treatments!


  1. Be careful with heat styling

Women love heat styling because it gives opportunities to experiment with our hair texture; nevertheless, excessive exposure to heat can lead to thermal damage and dreaded overprocessing. Try to minimize usage of heat and experiment with other methods of creating unique hairstyles!

  1. Use professional services

Sometimes it’s better to splurge on your hair instead of putting its natural beauty at risk. Treatments involving chemicals are very dangerous, and if you decide to play hairstylist at home, then you should be extremely careful. We recommend making an appointment at Best Salon NYC for serious manipulations with your hair because it’s much safer!

Do your best to keep your locks healthy!