The difference between medical aid and car insurance

Is there a difference between medical aid and car insurance?

My answer is no!

If you take care of your health by having medical aid then you should also take care of your car by having car insurance.

You may be asking why you need car insurance when a car is just a material object.

Well it’s just as important to have car insurance for those instances where something happens, like car accidents, theft, hi-jackings or even breakdowns.

There’s nothing worse than being affected by one of those situations and you aren’t covered.

Not only because it can become a huge expense trying to fix or replace your car if you don’t have insurance but also because you don’t need the extra added stress when something goes wrong.

Which car insurance should I look at taking?

I would strongly suggest King Price because they understand the industry and they are unlike any other company. King Price actually decreases your monthly premiums as your car depreciates in value!

 When you join King Price you pay a super cheap premium.

 Your premium reduces at the end of your second month as your car loses value.

 If your decrease was R10 in the second month, then your third month’s premium is calculated at R10 less than the second month, so you’ve saved R30 after the third month.

 After 12 months you’ve saved R660.

 After 3 years, you’ve saved R6,300!

Your initial premium and monthly decrease are dependent on the car you insure and your individual risk profile.

When you insure 2+ cars with King Price, they discount your car premiums, which still decrease monthly!

1 car = super cheap insurance.

2 cars = 10% discount on both cars.

3 cars = 15% discount on all 3 cars.

4+ cars = 20% discount on all your cars.

And, you can also insure some of your favourite things for just R1 every month!

You can choose the level of cover you want:

Comprehensive car insurance

 This covers you for accident damage, theft and hi-jacking and small ‘oepsies’ that you may accidentally cause to other cars or property.

Third party, fire and theft car insurance

 This covers you for theft and hi-jacking, as well as for liability to other people and their property as the result of an accident. If you choose this option, your premium doesn’t decrease monthly.

Third party car insurance

 This covers you for liability for accidental injury to other people or damage to their property. The premium for this option doesn’t decrease monthly.

Optional extra cover:

Sound equipment and other accessories

 This is optional cover for your car’s music and mags… And some other extras you may have added. It comes at a small additional cost.

Car hire

 This optional cover will ensure that you have rental wheels when your own are being repaired. There’s a small additional cost.

Shortfall cover

 If you’re worried about still owing mega bucks after your car has been stolen or written off, their credit shortfall cover insures you for the difference between what your car is worth at the time and what you still owe on it.


The king’s added benefits are:

Emergency assist

The king has you covered. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you’re part of our royal family, we’ve got your back! Whether your issue is medical, technical or domestic, you’re in the king’s safe hands.

The king’s cab

The cold 1s were flowing, but now it’s time to get going? King Price will get you (and your car) home safely. The king’s cabbies are on call when you have comprehensive car cover with the king.

It’s a small extra cost… For big peace-of-mind.

So you can see by the above information that choosing King Price as your car insurer means you’ll always be looked after, just like a good medical aid looks after your health and wellbeing.