Die Ontwaking

Die Ontwaking

Die Ontwaking is an Afrikaans thriller and examines how communities deliver traumatised, deeply ‘wounded’ individuals who eventually turn to violent behaviour – and may even become pshycopaths. This movie looks at the complex and dynamic relationship between the disturbed, yet sympathetic Abel Lotz (Gys de Villiers) and a beautiful, young detective, Ella Nesser (Juanita de Villers), who has just been appointed to solve murder cases. A star-studded cast, which includes among others, Gérard Roedolf, Paul Eilers, Morné Visser and Armand Aucamp in diverse roles, lends gravity to this film that will be screened in select theatres from 26 February 2016. The film is released by Indigenous Film Distribution.


Director:              Johnny Breedt


Producer:            Vlokkie Gordon, Johnny Breedt, Craig Buckle


Trailer:                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLX3z7PTpuQ


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Twitter:                                @DieOntwaking


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