Curly hair is not a verdict!

Spring and summer! It’s a very good time for having a party! Every girl dreams to have a stunning look and charm every single boy around, sipping bubbly, or a cocktail. Our professionals at fashion hair salon can help you to bring your dreams to life. All you need is to create this fabulous hairstyle for classic curls, and you will shine all night long. There is no need to browse thousand of websites, looking for a beautiful cut; you have already found the perfect one. Embrace your natural curls and add extreme volume to it with our incredible half up-do.

Step #1 Preparations

Wash your hair, using your normal shampoo and don’t forget to apply a conditioner. It will soften your curls and make it easier to style. Let your strands air-dry and section off a top layer of your hair. Comb it carefully, pulling the strands at the back.

Step #2 Smoothening

After you have created enough volume and texture it is time to smoothen your cut. Brush your top layer slightly to create a sleek and shiny surface.

Step #3 Fixing

Fix every section in its place with the help of bobby pins, creating a “bump” effect on top.

Step #4 Teasing

With a wide toothbrush or your fingers, begin to tease your curls to create fullness and shape.

Step #5 Finishing

Crown it all with a special hair spray and smooth one side of your hair, above your ear. For example, you can style it with a sparkling barrette.

Make your beauty routine more interesting with the help of fashion hair salon.

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