Penny Lonesome EP Cover

With a rather all too clever name in reference to the book, The Curious Incident are a welcome surprise after the drivel we’ve been reviewing lately. I can easily see the appeal for this band with locals. I’m not really sure who can claim ownership of this specific sound but they do smack somewhat of Shortstraw and Desmond & the tutus and would go down a treat on a bill our local favourites. There’s not really anything new here but it’s fun music to get drunk to at any bar or house party. It’s not exactly Van Coke Kartel get into trouble party music but will certainly have you and your mate/significant other ready to hit the tiles. Personal favourites are Diane and Money, they had me tapping my feet and looking for the nearest bar. Not quite mindblowing, but also far from tripe. The Curious Incident’s new EP will be a welcome addition to anybody’s roadtrip or party playlist.