The struggle between blondes and brunettes exists since the birth of Earth. They’re different in many ways, even when it comes to hair problems: Try StyleWe

  1. Limits at color treatment

Brunettes are very limited when it comes to color treatment because dark hair changes its color very unwillingly. Bleaching is the only way out if you think about bright hues, which are very different from your current one. Avoid experimenting by yourself at home, and let experts at the Best Salon NYC help you get the desired color!

  1. Dandruff looks terrible

There is a huge difference between dandruff in blonde hair and white flakes in dark hair. Even though it’s a nasty problem in both cases, brunettes suffer from it more. Dandruff is extremely visible on dark hair, so there are more chances of being embarrassed in public!


  1. Leg hair is extremely visible

Jungles on the legs are among the biggest hair problems, which turns shaving into an indispensable part of our daily routine. Since dark leg hair is extremely visible, you have to get rid of it on a daily basis. Experts at the Best Salon NYC recommend waxing, which will save your time and provide long-term results! Try StyleWe Dress

  1. The sun loves dark hair

The sun is another annoying hair problem brunettes experience regularly. It’s a well-known fact that sun rays are attracted to dark colors, thus doing more harm to your hue and locks in general. You should always hide your head under a hat and use products with strong UV filters. Try to spend more time in the shade when sun rays are particularly ruthless!

Consider this information before dying your hair into dark color!

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