‘iD’ by Circus Eloize


‘An explosion of colour, sound, energy and death defying stunts is the easiest way to sum up this show!’

Cirque Éloize’s (pronounced; Sirk-ehl-wa eye-dee) high-energy blend of urban hip hop, humor and circus acts received a well-deserved standing ovation on their opening night at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town on the 16th November 2016!

This is not the first time Director Jeannot Painchaud has brought iD to the stage! In 2014 the gasp-worthy show made its debut in Johannesburg at the Montecasino’s Teatro. The runway success of the shows first season lead to a tour in 100 cities across the globe, reaching over 1 million spectators worldwide!


The show consists of 15 powerful and dynamic acrobats, contortionists, aerialists, rollerbladers, break dancers and a trial biker, who brought an urban tale of two rivalry gangs to life! The acts paired with bright and colourful screen displays, trap doors, high energy music, props and suspense filled moments throughout the show was nothing short of chair gripping and gasp-filled moments from beginning to end.

Bringing 14 different disciplines to life on a stage in under 2 hours is no easy task, but this paired with an amazing multi-level set design, 3D projections, sound and lighting effects Cirque Eloize’s show ‘iD’ has pushed the boundaries in such an extraordinary way that captivates audiences of all ages.

From an opening scene of a couple sharing a romantic moment, to the finale which is energy filled there was not a single moment that allowed audiences to draw their eyes away from the stage (with the exception of the interval)

About the Acts;

It is very clear to see that Jeannot Painchaud demanded a lot from each of his acts to deliver on every aspect of the show. With acts from Spain, Canada, Poland, Mexico, France and the USA it is evident that director Jeannot Painchaud did not limit himself when in the process of choosing acts to bring his vision to life. His worldwide search has obviously paid off as each act deserved their place on his stage as a show like this almost demands global talent.

From the set design, thrilling moments, strength, ambiance and acts

From beginning to end the show was filled with suspense filled moments and death defying stunts. With no safety harnesses in sight, the audience witness aerial acts with stunts that made eyes pop out of their sockets, hand to hand acts with breath-taking lifts and over-head acrobatics that have you blinking a billion times, assuring yourself that what you just saw was real. Bikers that climbed walls, performed pirouettes, bounced and made jumps forcing people to hold their breath and so much more.

The sheer strength of some acts was enough to stun audiences. Throughout the entire show emphasis was placed on not only the strength needed to perform these amazing tricks, but also the guts to undertake such difficult movements and tricks. I cannot fault a single act on looking weak, clumsy or out of place. Each performer held their own, worked in sync and so effortlessly supported each other.


To be so captivated by a performance, shows just how amazing the whole operation is. In order to create a space where the audience could be transported somewhere else shows how perfectly in sync all departments of the show were. This was well reflected in the entirety of the show as each act flowed from one act into another creating a story line that was easy to understand rather than being a show made up of individual acts.

With so many dangerous moves and tricky stunts a lot of pressure is placed on all involved to be both trusting and trustworthy. In an interview with Jeannot Painchaud “he admits that there are steps that need to be taken by each act individually as well as the choreographers and set designers to ensure the safety of each act.”

When you weren’t sitting on the edge of your seat you were pushing yourself into the back of your seat or gripping the arm rests to the point where your fingers protested. The sound and lighting team did an amazing job to create the different moods and emotions that were being portrayed by the performers so that the whole crowd was on the same wavelength with the performers.

A small side note

However, despite the amount of strength and support displayed by each performer I have to unfortunately point out that there were moments in the hip hop choreography that was incredibly repetitive and seemed to be slightly under-rehearsed. This was a slight disappointment considering that the hip hop routines where used to connect a lot of the scenes, so going from a spectacular display of tricks and suspense filled moments to sub-par hip hop dancing was a bit of a shame considering the potential those moments had…

…Despite this I am sure that with a bit of attention and more focus placed on these pivotal moments, the cast will be able to clean up these more flaw filled moments in no time, it just depends on how willing the director is to spend more time on the hip hop than the stunts (which seems to be taken care of incredibly well).

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Review and Expressions courtesy of #DKEXP #TimeTraveller #DKEXPmixC  Michaela Millar (@mixcmillar)

and the Cirque Eloize media team who provided images from parts of the show that we were unable to photograph.