Did Someone Say

‘Celebration’ ? 

You might remember that a mere few months ago, on the 28th of January 2015, the DK EXPRESSIONS crew (from your favourite SA lifestyle and entertainment blog), celebrated the company’s 2nd year of existence offering our readers free online content that gives you advice on what’s hot and what’s definitely not by keeping you updated with the latest trends and breaking news – all of this whilst happily giving you the scoop on the latest music/tech/gaming releases and much, much more.

Now, if this hasn’t impressed you, you should know that the website also offer our subscribers free downloads online- not to forget that our ‘Time Travellers’ bring you all kinds of reviews, some of the radest one-on-one interviews, as well as make sure we capture all of your favourite EXPRESSIONS in time and space.


Left to Right: Myself, Dale ‘DK’ Kopping and Andrew Yapanis

BUT enough of all that. Let’s get to the bloody point already…

Okay, okay! Well….

Today, 8 May 2015, we take a look behind the scenes, shifting our focus to the backbone and roots of the company (other than you, our loyal readers of course). Yes, that’s right all eyes on the one that brought all of this awesomeness into existence the founder and creator this blog. He’s one of the most caring, loyal, dedicated, hardworking, positive and straightforward people that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over the past year as I was presented with the opportunity to be tutored by him whilst working together– it is the one and only– Dale DK Kopping !

Why all this fuss, you might ask? Okay, okay! I’ll let the cat out of the bag! Today we get to celebrate Dale’s 34th birthday, rejoicing his journey and achievements in life, especially with reference to #DKEXP which has brought so much change, smiles, tears, happiness, excitement, gratefulness, appreciation & hope into many, many lives.

So, in return, I decided to on behalf of myself, the #DKEXP crew, all the family & friends, each subscriber, fan and follower wish him a VERY HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s to 34 years that has brought you up to this point, making you who you are, and a definite cheers to another blessed, healthy and prosperous 34 years more! From each and every single one of us –


Have a rocking day, D! 🙂