Black Panther; COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW [no spoilers]

Black Panther; COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW [no spoilers]


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  1. I am trying to figure out why you “only” have about 9mill subscribers? Just now I realized that this Brit called ksi or something has 18mill? What? Think he is like a gamer or something, but he is like from some kingdom called United that like never really has been united -KC you are from New York man (ok I call you KC?), you should reach out to your people more man, like that time you were in the news about getting fined for driving a bicycle.(KC driving a bicycle?? Yes he did, a red one I think, no batteries like the Jesse one, real paddle and everything. People can connect to that! No everyone remembers the back to the future movies and all. Peace man! Do some more stuff with pretty girls on a boat.

  2. Fantastic film and is different to the typical superhero genre in a great way! However, I don;t think it’s going as important to the genre as The Dark Knight, since I believe TDK was something very special and did offer a completely different king of film

  3. No mention of Watchmen?

  4. Walmart Iron man -meh


  6. They gave me FREE tickets but it’s not sponsored!! Lol WTF!

  7. The Dark Knight is an absolute classic! Such a shame Ledger died I would have loved to see his Joker come back some how. Hands down the best version of the joker EVER !! Will never be beaten !

  8. Dark Knight still trumps it and to be honest I think there are other comic book films that are more fun/interesting to watch but then a lot of that could’ve been created by the insane level of hype and how mainstream press was riding it like a house of cheap shameless prostitutes. Solid film nothing special.

  9. Wonder Women took place in world war 1


  11. How do you return masks?

  12. The black panther is one seriously cool superhero

  13. God is your phone screen at like “supernova” setting?

  14. 3star at most, it will never be dark night level

  15. Sorry it’s hyped because of black people… the story is shit, other than that it was good, not a game changer… 7.5/10

  16. ‘Comprehensive’ review – literally talks about the film for a minute, the rest is just him talking about other superhero films and attending the premiere

  17. casey: quick i need a black youtuber

  18. I find that the film was racist and offensive, since it was a cast of all White people, and the only 2 Black people in the movie were portrayed as the villains.
    Oh wait.
    Sorry, my bad, it is the other way around, so we all good cuz.
    No need to start a riot.
    Carry on.

  19. Creed wasn’t that good neither. 7/10

  20. Deadpool is shit and so fucking american. I give it 4/10 and the humor 1/10. Didn’t laugh once.

  21. Tune in next week when we review American History X!

  22. black panther is fucking incredible

  23. Enjoyed the movie, but to me, Black Panther was the most boring character in the movie.

  24. Rotten tomatoes basically gives ratings in reverse.

  25. What’s with the batman and joker masks

  26. “best villain since Heath Ledger” just wait until infinity war comes.

  27. Already watched the movie and it was insanely good! MUST WATCH.

  28. It’s all been done before just another marvel movie nothing new it copies winter soldier and the dumb rhinos

  29. Casey, just so you know what my wife taught me years ago.  You paint a fence, you polish nails.

  30. Lol world war 2

  31. It’s Akilah and I thought you were sayhing Tequilla for the the whole thing hhh

  32. I’m glad he loved the film, but I’m wondering how much he actually knows about the MCU? Would be interesting to find out.

  33. Casey you are DA MAN

  34. ooh i can’t wait to watch to movie now!

  35. I’ve just watched it and I agree with you in all points.

  36. you’ve got so much cool stuff I bet haha you are truly blessed man

  37. The Dark Knight is the best Super Hero movie by a LONG way.

  38. He said WW 2 but it’s in WW 1… yes

  39. This is one seriously massive ad. I really wonder how much money neistat makes between revenue generated directly via youtube and the private deals he makes.

  40. Casey, Wonder Woman is set during WW1 (not WW2)

  41. Dude wonder woman was actually wwi

  42. These people are leftists politically correct people who of course are going to give a movie with black characters, an A+. This movie is great, but not flawless at all. I don’t actually think that this is in the Top 10 Marvel movies so far. Stop thinking that this movie is going to change superhero movies forever. And Kilmonger was the best villain since Heath? Really? Well, let’s wait till Thanos appears.

  43. Casey is a hoe for not recording the whole movie

  44. u little fucker u make millions and u wana return it what the fuck u want ur millions for a dildo for candas ?
    i hate people like u

  45. Come man, we know exactly why you are reviewing this movie.

  46. Seen it and incredible it’s money well spent I wanna see it again soon

  47. But did u return the masks?

  48. did anyone get the Honey ad? Lol. “It had the Logan you are my hero” song for its background​. lol

  49. Wearing the different masks in the video just shows your amazing creativity in all of your videos!

  50. Are you restarting the blog??!!

  51. Wonder Woman was definitely based in WW1 not WW2.

  52. Totally agree with you casey!!!!

  53. the media will never say a bad thing about this movie, its basically a sin to liberals to give a movie about black people a bad review. that being said the movie was 7/10, not enough action believe it or not

  54. casey how did u get urpurple glasses back for the last fuckin time

  55. movie was quality saw it in london, enjoyed the accuracy and how it dived into real world international black relations coupled with the abundance of african culture was lovely to see on the big screen. some americans are extremely conceded in thinking this is just another superhero movie. dont get me wrong its a comic book before anything but what it managed to channel within just over 2 hours was so much more! also if you bois seen civil war stay UNDER AFTER ALL THE CREDITS FOR SOME JUICY INFO ;). (PLUS THE MUSIC WAS TOO LIT)


  57. Raimi’s Spider-Man films introduced humor way before Iron Man. Wonder Woman took place in World War I, not II. Come on, buddy.

  58. God I can’t even breathe I’m so jealous. 😱🖤

  59. So dope movie black panther Mike Jordan in it is da enemy also black panthers enemy and cousin and it is a sequel to civil war (I think) and is in perspective of black panther

  60. Not a mention of Logan at the start 🙁

  61. Just wait for Infinity War

  62. your doing a great job casey, keep it man

  63. “Fruitvale Station” Casey Just Got Points From Me! 💯

  64. Brilian Chanel♥

  65. Just wanted to clarify, you didn’t like Spider-man 2? I thought it was the best one of any of the Spider-man films including the reboots.

  66. Wow. I wish I was there.

  67. Can’t believa a white guy goes to Black Panther. Not supposed to as it is exclusive.

  68. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻UGA UGA UGA UGAAA UGA BATMAN UGA UGA 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  69. It’s an ok movie. Felt a bit long in places. *shrug*

  70. You watched Wonder Woman with your THREE year old daughter Oo ?

  71. I love Casey Neistat SO MUCH more knowing he loves superhero movies. I loved this review!

  72. Cmon theres finally a black superhero movie.. no ones gonna shit on it so how are we gonna get an honest review?

  73. Sorry. No one better then heath ledger. Shit review for that

  74. I watching it mostly because Kendrick produced the soundtrack for this movie

  75. Dont know bout the movie but the sountrack is sick

  76. Why the hell every single Casey’s uploads are always end up with atleast 1k of thumbs down? If you really don’t like his content, LEAVE!! Sheesh….

    BTW, Love how you match each super hero movies with their mask replicas.

  77. Your teeths are so white …omg …wao ….need 1k subs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and 4k watch time …. 😢

  78. This gots me so hype!!!

  79. When someone says World War Two not World War One.

  80. Fuck YouTube censorship

  81. Wonder Woman was World War One Casey

  82. To all my fellow white people, there was no SJW crap!! Epic movie

  83. Looking forward to have a look at this then!

  84. I am just saying for Wonder Woman is based off of WW1

  85. Am I the only person to think Casey looks like Armin Shimerman ?

  86. that joker mask is fantastic

  87. oh my this is my first time on my life watch some youtubers do the fast video ever…oh yeah he got so many mask and a little same suit and also yeah he kinda want to be a director so maybe he can know when the video will out..

  88. I was surprised to see this. Nice video!!

  89. the vince staples at the end!

  90. The movie was crap

  91. Sorry Casey but Wonder Woman was World War 1 not 2

  92. Can’t wait to se it on Friday!

  93. Did Casey and his wife broke up

  94. It’s not ethical to return something you’ve used, especially for profit.

  95. At first I thought, wow, Casey’s doing a movies review, which is rare. This is gotto be some in-depth movie review for a fuckin awesome movie. And u just show us the vlogy premiere shit… How much time in this video’s for the review, huh? like 1 minute?? what kind of comprehensive review is this? seriously????


  97. Um. The avengers was a pretty pivotal superhero moment. Came out after the dark knight

  98. The tie-ins with WWII, it is WWI

  99. Casey is trying to single handedly save youtube but to do that he really just needs to step up and dad the fuck out of logan paul and everyone else and set some ground rules

  100. No way I’ll watch this black trash movie.


  102. “Movie blows”

    *R A C I S T*

  103. You missed Thor Ragnarok 😥

  104. 8;9M subscribers?! Are you a superhero my dude?

  105. You should do more movie reviews! I’d be interested in what you think.

  106. World War Two, World War Two… OK (h3h3 laugh)

  107. Wonder Woman was during ww1

  108. Maybe I should go see it in theatre

  109. Health Ledger’s joker will always be the best villain. I am so excited to see this villain!

  110. Some black dude told me since I’m part Irish I’m not allowed to go see the movie

  111. super hero movies are so boring!!!!!!!!

  112. For once,more interested in your date. She’s so hot!

  113. The movie was alright. From reading the comics to seeing the movie I wasn’t impressed. The effects were good, acting was alright… other than that kinda meh. Like 3.5/5

  114. Ah I am so exited for this movie!<3

  115. Casey again with another vlog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. I thought we made it clear that black panther *WAS NOT FOR FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE*

  117. imdb 6.6/10 (12097) 🤔

  118. I love Tim Burton’s Batman it was so dark infact I can’t knock anything done by Burton

  119. This is the best BemePanel [tm] commentary I have seen yet.

  120. Wonder Woman was WW1, not WW2.

  121. Those masks 😂😂😂

  122. Wonder Woman was WWI I thought? Not WWII.

  123. Flip, why do Americans like Creed so flipping much? I really thought it wasn’t that great. That scene with the kids riding bikes down the street was so awful.

  124. casey “niggerlover” neistat

  125. I Fucking LOve yoU!!!!!!!!

  126. You make a fantastic Wonder Woman.

  127. Logan but ya im excited for Black Panther

  128. my favorite super hero movie is Ace Ventura

  129. Always a joker 😉

  130. More Akeela at any movie screening, please. Bubbly personality.

  131. You’re so cute, casey.

  132. absolutely not a branded video

  133. Wonder Woman was set in WW1 not WW2….

  134. I can’t say enough good things about it. Also, cool Batman mask, I’ll buy it off you.

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