BLACK OPS ADVANCED TACTICAL LASER TAG now in South Africa. Imagine Paintball only better more realistic setting than being blasted by hundreds of little paintballs. No way my friend, with #BOLTsa I could say maybe its better, or is it worse? 

Well if you enjoy being shocked with 5000 volts every time your head gear  or body vest gets shot, then by all means Go Big or Go Home. There is even a Hospital where you have to make your way once you get shot before you can carry on playing.

Our group had the pleasure of playing without the waist belt you wear that shocks you but instead we played a Death Match for 10 min split up into 2 teams Alpha and Bravo. 

Instructors take you on a quick weapon and tactics briefing before being led into the arena to take part in a training exercise, which we failed LOL…. I shot an innocent person, Oops!


So the 2 teams make way to either ends of the arena and wait for the signal to begin. Once that whistle blows we make a dash all over the place aiming our rifles at everything that moves and begin shooting, red lights begin to flash and go beep and your head and vest begin to vibrate to indicate OK YOU BEEN SHOT, YOUR DEAD!

After a min or two your head and vest stop vibrating and the lights turn off and away you go ready to shoot anything, run around the arena, upstairs, downstairs, on the roof, on top of old cars, in markets etc all designed to be like the outside real war grounds making this one of the best TACTICAL LASER TAG warfare games I have ever played and with the Official Opening happening 28th August I was extremely lucky to be one of the very FIRST IN SA. Thanks


Go an visit the BLACK OPS website, make a booking and be sure to leave a comment about your experience.