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Top 3 hairstyles for male hipsters

Hipster`s stream is an extremely popular lifestyle among young people. Hipsters have a very peculiar sense of style and express their unique personality through their cloth and hairstyles. Such people are usually associated with creative personalities, long beards, and fashion addiction; nevertheless, modern hipsters prefer casual and practical hairdos, which require minimum efforts to style. The best barbers in NYC offer you three most popular and trendy hairstyles for male hipsters. Half Up-do This hairstyle fits better for long and medium fine hair. It takes no more than 5 minutes to create it. Simply take three big strands from...

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Treat your combined hair right

People with oily skin are more prone to have greasy roots. It all happens because of special glands in the scalp, which produce too much sebum and make your hair look dirty. The whole situation turns to be even worse if some external factors like heating tools and styling products influence your locks and they become over dried. Our professionals at Hair Salon Soho in NYC offer you three vital steps you should make to solve this problem. Choose the right shampoo You shouldn’t use too harsh, chemical based shampoos in order to clean you greasy roots. Frequent washing...

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How to spend more time in your unplugged life

We live in the world where technological advances affect our everyday life, sometimes in a negative way. Find out how you can prevent devices from interfering with your life: Turn your TV off Most people turn their TV’s on to create a presence effect and break a depressing silence in the house. If you’re one them, there are other ways to create a background noise. Why don’t you turn the radio on? Or how about listening to the new album of your favorite performer? Turn your TV off!   Use silent mode Fortunately, our cell phones have an awesome...

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How to stay calm in stressful situations

Tight schedule, busy working days, and lack of proper rest can throw everyone out of the stride. It’s essential, though, to know stress-relieving methods you can use at work and home: Think of something pleasant Positive thinking and visualization are very effective methods of calming yourself down in stressful situations. Just imagine how you sip a cocktail at the sunny ocean beach or enjoy beauty treatments at New York Hair Salon. Now get back to the reality and keep working so that you can make these dreams come true soon! Have a cup of green tea Most busy people...

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Top 3 hair myths

It is hard to believe, but some people built their hair care routine on myths! You can live happily without knowing that ninety percent of your knowledge about hair care and styling are false. To avoid such horrible misunderstandings, our professionals at NYC barbershops are ready to bust three most common hair myths and tell you the whole truth about your locks. Styling products make your hair dry So wrong! Modern hairstyling remedies almost a hundred percent consist of natural ingredients. Additional components like alcohol also cause no harm to your locks, because it is highly volatile. In his...

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3 underrated TV shows to watch this winter

Check out these TV Shows when waiting to get your midtown haircut at the West Village Barber Shop or when lounging in bed! Haven (Syfy) This TV Show tells us about the life of a small town called Haven in Maine, where Troubles are wrecking havoc on the lives of its population. The complicated story accompanied by a lot of sudden plot twists is bound to keep you glued to the screen for at least several days! Lovable, badass characters are the great addition to the already awesome tale. If a kickass blonde, a cool pirate with a heart...

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