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Simple Ways To Treat Your Mane Properly

Many men think that hair treatment is very hard and unreal, but actually, it is pretty simple. Check out these best tips on how you can care for your mane and stay terrific every day provided by the top stylists at good barber shops in NYC.   #1 Regular cutting For those guys who have middle length mane this tip is of particular importance. You need to trim ends every 2-3 months if you want to have strong and healthy hair. Moreover, uncut hairstyle looks untidy. Make a golden rule for yourself to visit a hairdresser regularly.   #2...

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Self-improvement through getting a four-legged buddy

If you want to make a big difference in your life, then you should simply get a pet. Sounds funny? Here is the proof: #1. Physical activity Pets (cats and dogs in particular) increase physical activity of their owners, which is extremely beneficial to the health. You will have to walk your dog at least twice a day regardless of the weather outside. These cosy strolls are great for staying fit and improving your social skills because your pet will attract the attention of strangers. #2. Stress relief Did your boss yell at you? Play with your pet. Made...

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Four Super Simple Tips For Healthy Skin And Hair

Don’t have time for intensive hair and skin care? You can still pamper yourself by doing the basics. Healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the aging process and prevent different hair and skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips afforded by the top specialists at the best hair salon in NYC. #1  Don’t smoke Smoking is the most damaging habit, not only for your skin and hair, but for all body as well. It provokes wrinkles, premature aging, grey hair, over dryness and even cancer. Smoking depletes your body with oxygen and nutrients, which are so important...

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Three summer haircuts for men

2017 is officially the year of experimentation and revolutions in hairstyling industry. If you always wanted to change your cut, break out of the shackles of ordinary life and try something new, this summer is a high time to do it. No matter whether you wear long, short or medium hair, here you will find something to fit your taste. Modern hair fashion industry shows so much diversity in men`s hairstyles, so it is impossible to stay aside. Your old hairstyle is doomed to disappear.  Check out these three awesome haircuts from our experienced professionals at New York barbershop....

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Eat Your Way To Gorgeous Skin

You should understand that beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within. All you need – just to recheck your diet and eat the correct balance of foods, and you’ll provide your skin with the vital vitamins and minerals to help it stay soft and supple. Check out these simple pieces of advice from the best specialists at the best salon in New York.   #1 Drink up! If your skin suffers from dryness, you should drink more. Consume six to nine glasses of fresh water a day – this simple changing will provide your skin with moisture and flexibility,...

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How To Care For Long Hair

Nowadays, lots of men have tresses and that’s really very cool because long hair looks so unique and extraordinary. Let’s check simple tips from the top stylist at the best barber shop NYC, how to care for long tresses in a very simple ways. #1 All you need is cut You should totally understand that cutting is the best and the only way to prevent split ends, dude! We know that a visit to a hairdresser is a huge stress, but you need to cut your ends at least once per 3 months. All those commercial hair care products...

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