It’s common knowledge that undercut was popular in the 60s of the last century; however, today this hairstyle is on trend.

Why? The answer is quite simple, it is suitable for any look, whether it is a business attire or beach shorts with a top. Undercut allows looking attractive and elegant at the same time.

#1. Who can wear undercut?

This hairdo looks neat and stylish in case you have smooth and straight hair of medium length. For spunk guys, barbers at New York Barber Shop recommend trying a layered undercut. It is also possible to dye strands in different shades, for example, from dark to light.

#2. Secrets of creating

Undercut consists of the shaved nape, temples, and a long bang, which reaches the forehead. The main feature of this haircut is that there is no a smooth change between the short and long hair. It distinguishes Undercut from other hairdos. First of all, you should take into consideration the hair type and the face shape. It will help to decide what will be the hair length on the temples and at the crown.

#3. How to style?

The Undercut is often styled with the usage of hair styling products. There are many variations of styling undercut:

Creative. The Undercut is an original hairdo, but you can do it more unusual. If you already have the haircut, just comb the hair on the one side.

Retro. Try a slicked back undercut to create the image of a gangster of the 20s.

Rockabilly. Want to stand out from a crowd? Style your undercut like Elvis Presley! To create such hairstyle, you may use a styling mousse and a hair spray for fixation.

Well, undercut is a trendy hairdo, which is very popular nowadays. For this reason, if you want to look stylish and create your own unique hairstyle, don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new.

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