Sometimes a new wardrobe and a fashionable haircut from the NYC barbershop are not enough to make you look dapper. Here are five ways you can be more stylish!

  1. Rings, Bracelets, And Necklaces

Contrary to the popular opinion, jewelry is not designed to be worn solely by women. A lot of fashion-conscious males enjoy adding various rings, bracelets, and necklaces to their outfits. Look up interesting styles and scout your local shops to see whether you’ll be able to find something you like or not.


  1. Belts And Bags

Such functional items as belts and bags also can be helpful in upgrading your personal style. Match these to your shoes and you’ll be able to work every single outfit you own properly! Although you don’t have them completely identical, we still suggest you purchase several sets of the same color.

  1. Glasses

Gone are times, when glasses on the males were perceived as geeky. Nowadays, a stylish pair of lenses can improve your style as well as make you look professional and sophisticated. Have you ever tried to wear glasses with a nice, fitted suit? File this tip for later when you hunt for a job or need to look particularly dashing during a formal event!

  1. Small Details

Paying attention to small details also can make you seem more fashionable. Purchase a beautiful set of cuffs and several pins and bars for your ties and you are all ready! They will make your attire look well thought through and add the much needed finishing touches.

Add these items to your wardrobe to be more stylish!

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