Make sure to pack these 4 things before you leave your house for a plane or a train!

  1. A Book

What can be better than a book when stuck in an airplane or a train for hours to come? “A movie!”, you’ll say. Well, you are constantly surrounded by technology, so leave you Netflix at home and take up reading when on vacation. This way you can get a hedonistic pleasure out of reading a true masterpiece while losing no time at all.

  1. Glasses

It would be foolish to pack a book and not to pack a pair of your Zeiss Reading Glasses. Reading without glasses, especially in conditions, where is little to no light, can be extremely harmful to your eyesight. Glasses will also improve your vision and help you to see the beauty of the place of your destination even better! Make sure you store them properly and pack all the necessary equipment.


  1. A Scarf

A scarf is an ultimate must-have for travelers! It has at least five different purposes and can be exceptionally helpful. You can tie it around you head to either get rid of your hair or to protect yourself from the glaring sun. Wrap your scarf around your neck to protect it from the wind and to spare yourself a cold.  Cover your mouth with a scarf or shield your eyes. Does not matter what happens, you can always use your scarf to help you in one way or another. You can tie your scarf and use it as a purse of sorts when there are no other options.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is salvation in a bottle when traveling. Make sure you always have one in your purse wherever you go. This way you can clean your hands after touching something you are either not supposed to touch or what has been touched by too many people before you.

Use these recommendations for a better experience when traveling!

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