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DK Expressions® is the brainchild of Dale Kopping, The Founder, Editor, International Photographer, All Rounder and Captain of this ship.

 Most definitely not the tallest person in this building.

 A very good listener and a man of few words, but when they are spoken  they speak volumes.

He knows the ins and outs of the music and entertainment industry in most parts of the country, you’ll be surprised as to exactly how much.

The number of skills he has, makes us wonder whether he is a ‘savant’ of some nature, or as some people say “possessed”.

His passion for what he does can be seen in all he sets out to do,

 A great motivator who is full of energy and has tons of inspired ideas

(Having been a freelance celebrity photographer for from 2005/2013 he thought it was time he did it for himself.)

DK EXPRESSIONS® Founded end of January 2013 as a Personal Blog, With only a camera and a laptop he gave up his full-time employment and began to create content to be published from the events he attended and slowly created a following / a fan base / a social media presence.

It has now grown into a promising Digital Media, PR, Marketing & Entertainment Services Company.

His goal is to give the Public, his Friends, Followers and Fans from around the GLOBE all the Latest Event News, Special Interviews, Artist and Product Reviews, Giveaways and Expressions (images) and more on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

So In other words if you have a product or brand that you need to market digitally then 

DK EXPRESSIONS® will make sure it reaches the masses through various campaigns and activations

If you need information on Music Events or interested to know which International Act will be gracing our shores, or simply don’t know what to do with your evenings then this is the Blog to follow.

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We promise your details will be 100% safe as we will never share your details with any third-party.

Now if you spend a lot of time online then please read our Online Newspaper that covers articles on videos, photos, arts & entertainment, leisure, sports, world, technology, science and more from around the world daily. Simply click here  Daily Lifestyle Newspaper 

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We hope you enjoy the content we publish and please feel free to drop us a line if you ever want to have a chat


Dale DK Kopping